Abandoned Knight Mod 2.05.95 (Menu, Dumb Enemy)

By MinhDuc - New update 26/05/2024
Abandoned Knight Mod {{version}} (Menu, Dumb Enemy)
Name Abandoned Knight
Version v2.05.95
Size 139MB
MOD Features Menu, Dumb Enemy
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free


Abandoned Knight Mod is an entertaining game that you definitely won’t be able to miss. Play the role of a hero in the journey to conquer all the monsters in every gate. You will come to many different challenges and conquer them absolutely. The lairs of different powerful monsters are the places you will crave to overcome. With your weapon in hand, you will destroy all to bring about victory. Monsters are getting stronger and stronger and so should you. You will need to upgrade yourself every day to be able to balance the power with the opponent.

Download Abandoned Knight Mod – Become a Monster Slayer Hero

Abandoned Knight Mod is a hands-free entertainment game for you to use to relieve stress and regain energy every day. Entering this exciting adventure, you will need to make a lot more effort if you want to overcome difficult obstacles. Where monsters are becoming much stronger with increasing numbers. Cast your skills as skillfully as possible to attack and avoid retaliation. The important thing that determines your victory or defeat will come from the equipment you use on your body. This equipment will increase you from attack, defense, and health… Everything is important and you need to upgrade to the highest level possible to be able to easily confront the hurdles. difficult.

Abandoned Knight Mod

Join the game

Abandoned Knight Mod is a game released on Android and iOS operating systems. You will experience the game completely for free without having to spend any money. Become the hero with the first weapon in his hand to start the journey to destroy monsters. You will receive the first instructions to know how to play. After going through it, you will start fighting with the first levels. These easy levels serve as basic exercises so that you can get used to the game at a faster pace. You will pass easily and quickly through these gates. But the real difficult challenge is still waiting for you in the later levels.

Game Abandoned Knight Mod

Interesting Features

Abandoned Knight Mod is a game that relies on 2 main factors to determine your victory. The first is the player’s handling skills and the next is the character’s upgrade. So you will need to focus on the character’s equipment a lot more to be able to increase the ability to win. In this game, the system of equipment is very diverse and free for you to choose and use. Colors will show their intensity levels. You will need to spend a certain amount of resources to be able to create those equipment. Carefully study the requirements to be able to create the most special things. And go with those things to be able to win the easiest way.

Download Abandoned Knight Mod

Game Graphics

Abandoned Knight Mod is a game that uses 2D graphics with extremely special effects. You will fight monsters only on a path across the screen. The monsters will be arranged and scattered on this road. The monsters are designed in a special shape, completely different on each separate game screen. Later on, they will be shaped more fiercely and fiercely. The colors in the game are also changed continuously as you go through many scenes. From bright scenes filled with color to the darkest places. The detail is done in a moderate way, not too sharp, but more than enough to give you a great experience.

Ear Abandoned Knight Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the Abandoned Knight Mod game version. With the Dumb Enemy feature, all your monster opponents will lie motionless. There won’t be any counterattacks coming your way. Now you just need time to be able to destroy them all harmlessly. All the challenges, you will go through extremely easily without any difficulty. Maximum acceleration gives you the fastest time to clear the game. Helping you play the game in a much more fun and entertaining way, only on this special version.

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