Adorable Home Mod 2.6.3 (Unlimited money, hearts)

By MinhDuc - New update 13/05/2024
Adorable Home Mod {{version}} (Unlimited money, hearts)
Name Adorable Home
Version v2.6.3
Size 99MB
MOD Features Unlimited money, hearts
Support Adroid 4.4+
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers HyperBeard


Adorable Home Mod is a game of the simulation game genre. The game is developed by publisher HyperBeard. Just like the characteristics of the simulation game genre. You will be playing the role of one of a young couple who has just moved into the house. With your pet. Your task is simple, just revolve around housework, taking care of your partner and the cats you raise. Every time you complete a mission, you will collect several hearts. These hearts will be used to decorate your home. The game has a simple task system but requires ingenuity and patience from the player. The game offers a variety of furniture and decorations. It gives you an authentic “co-living” experience, a peaceful feeling when immersing yourself in the game.

Download Adorable Home Mod – Experience a Peaceful Life

Adorable Home Mod recreates a small two-person house full of love. The two move into a new house with their little white cat named Snow. Your spouse will have to go out to work like any other normal person. Your task is to take care of the cat and prepare a lunch box every morning for the other half. These quests give you hearts. The heart will be used to buy furniture for your untouched home. Or to buy more adorable cats. You will have all 7 spaces in the house. Including living room, bedroom, garden, kitchen, children’s room, bathroom, and farm. However, at the beginning of the game you only have 2 spaces, the rest you have to unlock with hearts.

When you have enough hearts needed, you need to buy more to decorate your house. Adorable Home Mod has many furniture collections in different colors or themes. This diversity helps players reveal their unique aesthetic abilities. You freely design all 7 spaces.

The time frame in the Adorable Home Mod game is simulated in real time. Change of night, day, and weather. The evening will be when your partner comes home from work. He or she will give your heart back. And give you sweet thank yous for breakfast.

Download Adorable Home Mod

Take care of the pet

Taking care of pets is the main task in Adorable Home Mod. Those cute-looking cats are not as easy to please as you think. To take their full love. You need to complete 3 missions with each cat. Includes: petting, nail clipping, and bathing. Each cat at different times cannot be petted at the same. You have to touch their body parts. Touching in the right place will receive love, you need to receive 5 loves to complete the caressing. On the contrary, if you touch the wrong place, they will get angry. You will not be able to complete the task if you let them get angry more than 3 times. Some cats are easy to stroke, some times are very difficult.

After stroking, you will come to the task of cutting nails. All you need to do is cut off their sharp claws by gliding your fingers. The cats of Adorable Home Mod will not obediently lie still for you to cut. The fact that they are constantly wiggling increases the difficulty somewhat. You need to avoid cutting their flesh. In this mission, you are allowed to anger them up to 5 times, it takes 10 love to overcome.

Bathing them seems to be an easier task. You need to tilt your device, adjusting the water temperature to be neither too hot nor too cold. Like the petting task, you need 5 loves, and don’t let the kitten get angry more than 3 times. After completing 3 care times, you will receive 240 hearts for each cat. This is the main source of income that you need to focus on exploiting. There are also other extra animals to get hearts like dogs, birds, and ducks.

Tai Adorable Home Mod

Cultivate and preserve love

You are free to choose the appearance for yourself and your partner. From skin color, hairstyle, and gender. This is also a highly appreciated point in the Adorable Home Mod game. Communicating a meaningful message about equality in love. Love has no barrier of skin color or gender. The mate pairs in the game can be Male – Female, Male – Male, and Female – Female. When you don’t take care of your partner for some time, the other person leaves. You can also give up 1000 hearts to actively break up with your current partner. Be more attentive and take care of your partner.

Adorable Home Mod

Adorable Home Mod with well-thought-out images on each stroke. Quiet, peaceful sound. The publisher also faithfully reproduces the cry of a kitten and the murmur of water. Download the game to get the wonderful experience of free love and simple happiness.

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