Download AdVenture Communist Mod 6.34.1 (Menu, Free Upgrade) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 03/04/2024
AdVenture Communist Mod {{version}} (Menu, Free Upgrade)
Name AdVenture Communist
Version v6.34.1
Size 89MB
MOD Features Menu, Free Upgrade
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Hyper Hippo


AdVenture Communist Mod game is created and developed by the Hyper Hippo team. Released on two main platforms today, iOS and Android. It is an entertaining game with a unique style of sulking. Suitable for those who need a light game to relax their mind. After a long and tiring day at work. A game where players will learn more about how the communist economy works. When started with the business and production of potatoes. With a small investment, players will have to find a way to operate. The means of production and the formula for buying and selling goods create a lot of resources. Constantly developing to have certain contributions, seeking support from everyone. Step to become the most powerful person.

Download AdVenture Communist Mod – Start Developing From The Simplest Things

When participating in AdVenture Communist Mod, players will have to start with farming and potato production. Many people will think that this is a farming game, but it is not. Generating large yields of potatoes is only part of the imperative that allows for the development of other things. The game is the journey of a person seeking to achieve great power. In a society with a communist economy. So getting support from everyone is essential. That is why it is necessary for players to find ways to ensure all conditions for the people. And it has to start with food security and here it is potatoes. Gradually from there as a springboard to constantly create more resources. Producing weapons, medicine for healing, mining ore, etc. Give your best, and try your best to get a lot of support. With the ultimate goal of achieving the greatest power,Game AdVenture Communist Mod

Multi-Field Survival Game

AdVenture Communist Mod simulates society how the communist economy works. So the game is not only one but built in many different areas. Starting from productive cultivation, create a large number of potatoes for food to grow. Gather as many workers as possible, soldiers. The back also allows players to try out advanced science. Carry out research on new technologies, capsules, and pills. Craft weapons, ammunition, and rifles when you become the boss in combination with the army. Or with a particularly important field in the game, exploiting iron ore resources to earn gold.AdVenture Communist Mod

Production Optimization Research

An extremely necessary and important profession in AdVenture Communist Mod is research. Because it is an indispensable part of every kind of society. Everything is always operated to develop, so more modern technologies will be needed. To produce new things for human life. For example, creating capsules or weapons in the game, all of which are the result of research. Therefore, it is necessary for players to always prioritize to optimize production. If qualified, do not hesitate to increase automation with high speed. To be able to increase production output while ensuring quality as well as reducing input costs.Download AdVenture Communist Mod

Many Special Events

To increase the fun of the game as well as create conditions for players to have more opportunities to gain rewards. AdVenture Communist Mod always has events created and updated regularly. Almost every time something will happen, sometimes it will be strong together. Repeatedly creates a cycle. Of course, each one will only be for a certain time. But it will bring surprises, if you work hard, you will definitely earn gifts. But the main feature is that depending on each game event, new things will be added. Can bring the color of the festival in the year. Enjoy the interesting things waiting for players to discover.Tai AdVenture Communist Mod

The special feature of AdVenture Communist Mod here is the free upgrade mod. Really great, this feature will bring unexpected benefits to players. The game always needs an upgrade, even if you are new to the experience. This is a must and always needs to be done. Because the aim of the game is towards research devoted to becoming a person of high status. Usually to be able to upgrade will cost a lot of money or conditions. It really puts a lot of pressure on the players. But with the mod, everything is solved.

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