Age of War MOD APK 2023.1.8 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, EXP, Upgrades, OneHit, Immortality)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 27/09/2023
Age of War MOD APK 2023.1.8 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, EXP, Upgrades, OneHit, Immortality)
Name Age of War
Version 2023.1.8
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, EXP, Upgrades, OneHit, Immortality
Size 40MB
Requires Android 2.3
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Max Games Studios


If you are bored with old strategy games. And if you’re no longer interested, don’t miss this Age of War MOD APK. It will make you think again. Age of War, also known as the war across the centuries, belongs to the strategy game genre. Released by Max Games Studios, a long-standing game widely developed on both PC and Android platforms. , as well as iOS.

There was a time when the game was loved by many players around the world. As well as having been downloaded and played and rated very highly. Is a battle between two armies in which one team is held by you to destroy the other team to win. Players need to control their army, with smart and sharp calculations. We are sure that you will not only bring out troops with strong fighting power. But also gain a combat advantage over the enemy’s army. Choose and create powerful soldiers at the beginning of the game. Surely you will have a dramatic battle.

Download Age of War Mod – Control the army to protect your stronghold

Age of War has the style of classic tower defense game, with original gameplay. Each level, you will face more enemies and waves of stronger attacks. With the same initial starting point. But the two teams will go through different paths to distinguish victory or defeat. If you are a leading thinking strategist then it should be extremely simple. You will have a certain amount of gold to use at the beginning of the game. After that, players need to destroy enemy soldiers to earn more gold for themselves. Buy now or save up to buy stronger warriors. The higher the amount, the stronger the general you can buy.

Not only can strong champions overwhelm the opponent, but they also have to rely on the team’s arrangement. The general is weak, but if you know how to use it, it will become very strong to defeat the opponent and win. After a certain period of time, if you still cannot distinguish between victory and defeat. Game Age of War will rely on the player’s achievements in destroying enemies to become stronger. And will be transferred to a completely different time, completely changed. From your home to your army in a completely different way. Your army will be developed from the age of dinosaurs to the present era. And the power also skyrocketed through each of those eras.

Age of development

A game full of strategy and fun like Age of War Mod will be indispensable on your smartphone. It’s a game where everything changes extremely quickly. From the battle space to your characters. You will fight with your army against enemies from the beginning of time. With ancient soldiers fighting with spears, their mounts were prehistoric dinosaurs. When you reach your experience limit, you will receive a change. From home to army, defensive weapons also became more advanced. It will take place in both our and enemy armies, fought through historical eras. Then came the modern age with guns and bombs. And in the future, there will certainly be many modern high-tech weapons appearing here.

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Houses, towers for protection

The most important and top priority in the Age of War Mod version are buildings. Behind the army are defense towers with 15 types. They have a very unique shape, you can get them when you have enough experience to upgrade your current tower. At that time, new technologies are unlocked. The tower not only has a more eye-catching appearance. It is also the last line of defense that we can protect. As well as being a place to launch troops to fight the enemy team, if destroyed, you will lose. Corresponding to the development of the army, so did the house. Equipped with the most advanced weapons at each stage. So that every time a soldier falls, we have weapons to protect our home.

Age of War Mod

Age of War Mod is quite good and it fully exploits players’ curiosity. Regarding the polite timeline, giving players exciting enjoyment. The game provides a quick look at history for those curious about how far humanity has come. Helps us and our friends and relatives relieve stress after tiring working days. With the unlimited money feature, you have the advantage of calling out your troops very quickly. You don’t have to wait until you’ve destroyed the enemy to get money. Buying weapons allows us to build a sturdy and most modern arsenal. No more waiting too long. Because with this huge amount of money, you can absolutely win every round. Don’t hesitate any longer, download the game to your device and experience it right away.

Download Age of War MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, EXP, Upgrades, OneHit, Immortality) 2023

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