Agent Action Mod 1.6.18 (Unlocked, No Ads)

By MinhDuc - New update 05/02/2024
Agent Action Mod 1.6.18 (Unlocked, No Ads)
Name Agent Action - Spy Shooter
Version v1.6.18
Size 50MB
MOD Features Unlocked, No Ads
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers SayGames


Agent Action Mod is an entertaining action game with many elements that make you fall in love from the first play. You will become a professional assassin in a polite suit. In the journey to destroy all the evil enemies. Alone, you have to fight against a lot of enemies hiding behind the levels. You need to control one of your assassins to move as skillfully as possible to avoid being hit by bullets. Hide behind objects on the map such as wooden crates, and fences … to dodge the bullets of the opponent. Then after the rain of bullets passes, reveal yourself and launch the most accurate bullets to finish them off.

Download Agent Action Mod – Become an Uncompromising Cold-blooded Assassin

Agent Action Mod will definitely be a useful entertainment tool for you to relieve stress every day with its gameplay. You will own a game without investing too much time. But still, get the most relaxing moments of entertainment possible. Become an assassin with a very polite appearance but hidden in it are outstanding skills. With the weapons in hand, you will destroy all the enemies at the current level. To be able to continue to more difficult challenges in the following levels. The game relies heavily on the ability to observe and judge the situation. Need to seize the opportunity to interrupt when reloading the enemy, should not appear when the enemy is firing bullets with extremely high damage.

Download Agent Action Mod

Fascinating Situation

Agent Action Mod constantly gives you extremely new and interesting experiences through new levels. The game screen system is extremely diverse for you to satisfy your shooting ability. After killing all the opponents in a level, you will be moved through a door to the next challenge. In the later stages, surely the enemy’s shooting ability will reach a new level. They shoot very fast and the number is also gradually becoming larger. In addition, their tolerance has also become much beefier. It would take a lot of bullets to kill one. But don’t worry, you will also receive certain support when you come to these new difficulty levels.

Game Agent Action Mod

Interesting Features

Agent Action Mod has very interesting features for you to experience in a more fun way. To be able to balance in the game and so that you are not overwhelmed by stronger opponents later. The game has created an upgrade option for you every time you come to a new level. There will be many options for you to consider and use. Like choosing for yourself a gun with stronger destructive power, but the number of bullets will be limited. There will be many different types of guns with different firing mechanisms and powers. The shotgun will give extremely large power and can destroy the opponent after just one bullet. But the speed will be very slow, instead, the machine guns will give extremely fast bullet speed but will be slightly weaker.

Tai Agent Action Mod

Game Graphics

Agent Action Mod uses 3D graphics, bringing extremely smooth experiences to users. The game is invested in visuals quite carefully, from the assassin you control to the opponents. They are all made in a very neat way and have a certain distinct style of the game. Your character possesses an extremely cool appearance with a suit and sunglasses worn on him. The body is made of muscle but always retains certain agility. The enemies are also made with different shapes, not duplicated. Brings you an extremely fun and exciting graphic experience.

Agent Action Mod

You will get extremely attractive features in the Agent Action Mod game version. With the unlock feature and no ads, this will be a version that supports players a lot. After each time you come to a new gate, you will have options to continue to accompany you. But there will only be one option that is free, where else if you want to choose more you will have to see the publisher’s ads. Ads will make you lose a lot of time and reduce a lot of emotions when playing the game. Owning the ad-free feature of this version will help you choose all without having to spend time watching ads.

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