Alphabet Shooter: Survival MOD APK 1.0.38 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 24/12/2023
Alphabet Shooter: Survival MOD APK 1.0.38 (Unlimited Money)
Name Alphabet Shooter: Survival
Version v1.0.38
Size 96MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0+
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Rapid Rabbit Game


In the childhood of each of us certainly still imprinted the legendary game of hide and seek. Every time we mention hide and seek, we cannot forget our carefree childhood. Remember the innocent smiling moments of children. Sometimes we even wish we were young again to get rid of the worries of life as well as the stress of work. Recently, on December 7, 2022, the publisher Rapid Rabbit Game has released the game Alphabet Shooter: Survival. This is a game that helps us review our childhood memories with the legendary hide-and-seek game.

Alphabet Shooter: Survival is not just an ordinary hide-and-seek game. This is the most thrilling FPS survival gunfight game where you face off against the monster Alphabet Lore or become one of them. It has attracted millions of participants. What is waiting for you? Join now and have interesting experiences with us right now.

Download Alphabet Shooter: Survival MOD – Become a master of hide and seek

Alphabet Shooter: Surviva is the most thrilling FPS shooting survival game on mobile. When participating in the quest, you can be either a human, or a monster. Whoever you are, your main goal in this game is to survive to the end. Constant hunts and dangerous monsters will appear before your eyes. Hide carefully, ready to counterattack when the opportunity arises. To win, you must ensure both factors are defense and attack at the right time. Do not underestimate your opponents, they are very dangerous. However, you are also not average. Show your skills and become a master of hide and seek in this game now.

Download Alphabet Shooter Survival MOD

How to play the game Alphabet Shooter: Survival

Alphabet Shooter Mod is a fairly new game. Are you wondering how to start playing? Now let’s learn how to play this game. This is a new game, but the gameplay is very simple, making it easy for players to access. Besides, also quickly grasp the pace of the game. This game has a map system that makes it easy for you to spot your teammates. Our task is to swipe to move, aim at enemies to destroy them.

Tải Alphabet Shooter Survival MOD

At the start of the battle of Alphabet Shooter. You will be human or will be monster. This helps us have a multi-dimensional, interesting experience. Not just simply human, you can also be a monster. Diversifying characters makes this game more attractive than ever. If you are human, use guns or other weapons to defeat the Alphabet and Rainbow monsters. If you transform into a monster, chase after the humans and finish them off. Whatever role you play, your goal is still to try to survive until the end to win.

Outstanding features of the game Alphabet Shooter: Survival

Surely many gamers are wondering what hack Alphabet Shooter has that attracts millions of people to participate like that. First of all, it’s completely free on your mobile device. This makes the game easier to reach a wider audience. What you need, just have a smart phone and a wifi connection, you have an interesting experience already. Moreover, this is also a game that is not too violent, suitable for all ages. From minors, to adults and middle-aged people. This is a game to help you reduce stress after a tiring day of studying and working.

Game Alphabet Shooter Survival MOD

Alphabet Shooter: Survival is a Free First Person Shooter (FPS) Gameplay. Extremely smooth animation. Help you have a very enjoyable experience. Not the frustrating feeling when the game is laggy and jerky. There are 2 game modes in the game: Monster and Monster Hunter. Giving you the freedom to choose to experience. In addition, the game also has a great weapon system and cool monsters from Doors, Rainbow Friends, Alphabet Lore,… Endless levels bring you endless fun. This is really a game worth experiencing, isn’t it?

Smooth, cute images

One of the attractions of Alphabet Shooter: Survival MOD is the graphics. Characters, weapons are designed extremely realistic and cute. Full of colors such as blue, red, purple, yellow, etc. The tunnels are designed authentically. The light outside, inside the tunnel is extremely vivid. Help players have the most realistic experience. Besides the image, the sound system (gunfire, …) is also invested quite carefully. Bringing a feeling to the player is both suspenseful and stressful as well as equally interesting.

Hack Alphabet Shooter Survival MOD

If you are looking for an engaging hide-and-seek action game, come to Alphabet Shooter: Survival right away. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with this game. Let’s review childhood memories with fascinating hide-and-seek. Extremely fun experience by hunting opponents. Join the game now and become a master of hide and seek.

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