Angry Birds Transformers Mod 2.28.0 (Unlimited Coins, Gems)

By MinhDuc - New update 23/05/2024
Angry Birds Transformers Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Coins, Gems)
Name Angry Birds Transformers
Version v2.28.0
Size 458MB
MOD Features Unlimited Coins, Gems
Support Android 4.1
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers Rovio


A unique and extremely new video game, thanks to the combination of two famous games at that time, Angry Birds and Transformers, creating Angry Birds Transformers Mod. The game by publisher Rovio is inspired by the story of the return of transforming robots and angry birds. The game collects a lot of audiences around the world because of the interesting gameplay that brings high entertainment after every tiring working hour. Currently, the game is free to download and released on 2 platforms, iOS, and Android, helping users to access and experience it the fastest way. Currently, on the Android platform alone, there are more than 50 million downloads and nearly 2 million positive reviews, proving that this game is very hot on today’s mobile platforms.

Download Angry Birds Transformers Mod – Join the Battle Between Angry Birds and Transformers

Participating in Angry Birds Transformers Mod, we can see that there are no longer cute and lovely birds on the island that were crushed by hateful pigs like before. Now with a strong rise, the birds have been equipped with advanced weapons and combined with Transformers armor. When participating in the game, players will control their birds to fight and destroy the flying blue pigs in the sky, and at the same time collect gold to increase their skill experience. The return is extremely eye-catching because our birds can transform into cars or even fighter planes equipped with advanced weapons with great destructive power.

Angry Birds Transformers Mod

Character control

Controlling the character is a pretty simple step in Angry Birds Transformers Mod. When entering the game, you just need to use your hand to click on the positions where the enemy is standing and the opponent’s fortresses. There is no need to control the character because your character will automatically move forward until the end of the game. In addition, players can both change their characters into different shapes, because they can arbitrarily transform into the form of a robot and a vehicle or a plane.

Download Angry Birds Transformers Mod

However, the game still has a point to note when attacking the enemy and avoiding strange objects on the way down, you can only turn into a robot. Or you can turn into a car when the player’s movement speed will be much faster and easily dodge other obstacles while on the road. Then when your character runs out of blood, it means you will be judged as a loser, so use skills and tricks to not lose blood and win.

Various characters

The character of Angry Birds Transformers Mod must have guessed what part of it, right? It is a combination of Angry Birds such as Red, Chuck, The Blues, Bomb, Terence and transforming robots in Transformers such as Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, Arcee, Ratchet, Megatron, … Associated with 2 games and titles With such a famous cartoon, you will surely look forward to this game. It’s great that you can meet the characters associated with your childhood again, each character has a certain character and appearance that you can’t predict in advance.

Game Angry Birds Transformers mod

Complete missions and collect gold, then players can use the money to unlock characters and experience them. Don’t forget to upgrade your character’s weapons so that they become stronger and easily pass the game levels. However, when players use gold to upgrade, it takes a while to complete the upgrade, unlike when you use diamonds, which will help you complete the upgrade immediately.

Endless Run mode

Angry Birds Transformers Mod has a lot of interesting game modes, providing users with attractive levels, the difficulty level will increase with each screen that you have overcome it. If players love adventure and drama, they can immediately join Endless Run mode. Then you can use all your character collections to join the battle. Every time your character is defeated, another character appears to replace those characters until the end of the game.

3D graphics

Angry Birds Transformers Mod is designed by publisher Rovio in the form of sharp 3D graphics. Vivid images to every detail bring a good view from the player. The context is comfortable for players to explore such as deserts, caves, beautiful hills, etc. The publisher has been very successful in bringing life to the game thanks to the funny robot creation cute.

Angry Birds Transformers Mod

When downloading the Mod version of Angry Birds Transformers, players will experience many useful features. You can freely go shopping for costumes as well as unlock your favorite characters. Upgrade the weapons of powerful robots to destroy the evil pigs and especially experience different lands !

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