Download Annelids Mod APK 1.118.11 (Unlimited money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 15/01/2024
Annelids Mod APK 1.118.11 (Unlimited money)
Name Annelids
Version v1.118.11
Size 16MB
MOD Features Unlimited money
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Michal Srb


If you are too bored with action games on the ground, Annelids Mod will open up for you a unique underground war. Revolving around mischievous worms gives players a feeling of excitement when coming here. Enjoy a new underground world and worms can destroy everything ahead. Starting to join the game, you are immersed in a mischievous worm entering the underground war, the opponent is other worms destroying each other to save lives. Most importantly this is an online game published by Michal Srb. You can meet enemies anywhere in the world that you don’t know. Controlling the worms to destroy them is a very important task for you to win.

Download Annelids Mod – Dramatic War Of Mischievous Worms

In Annelids Mod, it allows worms to move flexibly on all terrains from sandy soil to gravel. In the game, there are many difficult terrains that you need to overcome such as hills and mountains, so it is essential for the bat to jump freely over the obstacles and then jump up. By shooting the thread at the target position and then collecting the thread and you can go where you want very easily. In particular, your worm can also hold a gun to fight with his opponents as soon as necessary. Shoot a variety of bullets to make enemies hit and lose blood to death. The battles take place in a certain order and the player’s task is to destroy as many enemies to win. After a period of time, your achievements will correspond to a certain reward.Annelids Mod

The worm’s mission, search for the flag

In the process of starting the underground war in Annelids Mod, your worm has to perform a lot of tasks. Besides fighting with other deep opponents, you also have to mark your territorial sovereignty. By looking for a place with a flag, the worm needs to touch it and the flag will change color to the same color as the worm. Take turns searching and marking the territory by planting flags of the same color as you, then you will complete the task excellently at the end of the game. However, when looking for the flag, there will be a lot of hardships that you have to overcome, especially other worms who are also trying to destroy to take over your territory. Always be alert in every move because you can be attacked anytime, Annelids Mod

Diverse game modes

In Annelids Mod also provides 5 game modes for users that few games have, which are King of the hill, TeamDeathmatch, Conquest, Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. Each mode in Annelids is full of charm and fun revolving around the war of the worms. Players can participate in online mode, and accompany friends or relatives to compete directly with other opponents, through fierce battles to bring about victory. If you are too bored when playing with teammates, and want to improve your skills, there is a single-player mode, and you will fight with the worm controlled by the system, with artificial AI technology, we believe that the skill will be increased rapidly.Game Annelids Mod

33 base weapons and 9 secret weapons

In Annelids Mod equip the worms with extremely diverse and modern weapons. Up to 33 basic weapons like spinning sawtooth, long sword, baseball bat, rocket, banana, grenade..etc There are many other unique weapons that you can find in Annelids Mod. When participating in the war, each of your worms can have up to 6 weapons on them. So choosing the right weapon is essential. Change the melee weapon or ranged weapon to suit the evolving situation and finish the fight as quickly as possible and advance to the new goal.ear Annelids Mod

In Annelids Mod, there are more than 66 missions that have taken place in 17 maps for players to explore. Each battle brings you an exciting adventure. Each level increases over time, as you go from one level to another. Enemies have diverse fighting abilities and are extremely intelligent. In addition, there are many interesting maps for you to explore. Fighting in the ground on lava, lawns, craters, ice cold areas ..vv will be extremely interesting. Each map is designed according to the preferences of many players, so it is very impressive and unique, promising to be an exciting adventure.

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