Antistress Mod 9.6.4 (Unlock All)

By MinhDuc - New update 25/03/2024
Antistress Mod 9.6.4 (Unlock All)
Name Antistress
Version v9.6.4
Size 47MB
MOD Features Unlock All
Support Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers JindoBlu


At some point, you find life too tiring. Want a light game to relax the mind? Antistress Mod created and developed by the JindoBlu team is a great choice. There are no matches, no puzzles or thinking required. A game is simply a collection of many different types of toys. It can be said that it is extremely familiar to everyone, probably all of them have come into contact with it at least once. The way to play is extremely simple, towards entertainment is the main. In childhood or until now, there are still many people who use those things to relieve pressure. Bring out to challenge each other. It’s not something terrible, but once you try it, it’s super fun. Join the game now to know more, and have the opportunity to enjoy the break.

Download Antistress Mod – Enjoy The Fun Of Simple Relaxing Toys

In today’s game market, there are too many genres. Many games are extremely unique, developed by the developer in every corner. Even the story is built for players to learn. But there is a simple game that is extremely interesting, which is Antistress Mod. Not designed with too many details. Just the familiar objects of ordinary everyday life are reconstructed. And players when participating in the game will have to directly affect it. For example, slicing vegetables or zipping. Nothing outstanding, it’s all just daily encounters. But rebuilt into the game so that players can experience it all the time. Not constrained by space and time as well as preparing tools. Or as simple as squeezing the airbags used to wrap things to avoid impact. There are a lot of people interested in that.Tai Antistress Mod

Simple Games

Antistress Mod is created with 15 games, simple but extremely interesting. They are great options worth trying in your spare time. Or after a tiring day of studying and working full of stress and pressure. Among them is the game of darts, which is loved by many people. There’s nothing better than showing off your skills. Especially the ability to aim, and stand from a distance to throw them around as desired. Or with the game of stacking stones, once famous for its very challenging nature. Who pays wants to prove themselves while others can’t? Even billiards have been rebuilt by the developer. Although it is not real, it certainly does not make players disappointed.Game Antistress Mod

Various Toys

In the game Antistress Mod, in addition to 15 interesting games, there is one more outstanding thing. Built with over 100 different types of toys. Not things that are too strange, but tools that serve our daily work. For example, type toothpaste with the game, and players can freely press really hard. See how far the ice cream can shoot. Try it with friends too, pit against each other. While not having to worry about spending. Or with a hanging cotton ball, feel free to act. Really nothing outstanding, even very mediocre. Just elegant pleasures with simple children’s play. As when playing with them brings the most peaceful feelings.Download Antistress Mod

Graphics And Sound

Antistress Mod is designed with fairly simple gameplay, so there are not too many built-in effects. But the graphics part is a huge compensation point to bring a great experience to the player. With each object, it is built to be realistic, most similar to reality. Every stroke is carefully considered in every detail. Shapes and colors are so carefully coordinated. When completed it is almost a photo taken, not designed by the developer. Sound too, a lot of noise is reconstructed. When impacting each object will emit separate sounds. Surprisingly, even the smallest sound is not ignored.Antistress Mod

To tell the truth, the original version of the game is built with a variety of games and gadgets. But it is very limited when entering the game. In the beginning, can only try 1 or 2 certain things. The rest need money to unlock. If you want to experience, players need to work hard to accumulate enough costs. It will really hinder the fun that the game is created for. But use the Antistress Mod version, which has added the feature to unlock all. Every feature has been designed to be exploitable. A special feature is that it’s completely free, just needs to be clicked by players who like it.

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