Download Arena of Valor MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money gems, unlock all skin, map) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 26/01/2024
Arena of Valor MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money gems, unlock all skin, map)
Name Arena of Valor
Version v1.53.1.3
Size 160MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money gems, unlock all skin, map
Support Android 4.1
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Level Infinite


Arena of Valor MOD APK is a game that has been and is still popular on the mobile game platform. With a large number of players up to hundreds of millions of users worldwide. The strategy game that showcases top-notch processing skills is still the number 1 hot online game on the gaming market. With a highly calculated and intellectual gameplay, players always want to find their own limits in the community. There have been many prizes up to several hundred thousand dollars for a season, Lien Quan Mobile has exceeded the limit of a game. We will be able to earn a small amount of money if you are really excellent.

Download Arena of Valor Mod – Win or lose at skills in the arena 5v5

Arena of Valor hack is the most successful moba game of all time on mobile devices up to the present time. Appears on both Android and iOS operating systems. We can download the game and use it completely for free without any additional costs. Inspired by moba games played on the computer. As technology develops and the demand for entertainment on mobile devices is increasing. We see a moba game that is no different on the computer being born. The welcome and response from gamers regardless of age has shown the success of the game.

Game Arena of Valor (abbreviated as AoV) will have many versions with different names in different countries. As in China it is “傳說對決” or “Vương Giả Vinh Diệu”. The Korean version is “Penta Storm”, the Thai version is “Realm of Valor”. Or in Vietnam, the game is very famous with the name “Garena Lien Quan Mobile”. This is a multiplayer online battle arena game developed by TiMi Studios, a studio under Tencent Games.

Download Arena of Valor MOD

Tactical Thinking

Arena of Valor Mod is a highly team-based game, so you will need to play in a style where the whole team supports each other. There will be 2 teams facing each other in a match, each side will have 5 members. With each position and unique role of each member in a team will create strength for the whole team. Or if you are an excellent player, you can also play according to your own unique play style. With enough confidence and skill to control the champion you use, it is also possible to take on your whole team alone. Careful calculation is what you need to pay attention to when performing an action in the game.

Tải Liên Quân Mobile Arena of Valor

Peak Skills

No matter where you play in the team, your presence on the team is very important. There will be champions who can deal major damage in the team but also need their teammates to support them. Hack Arena of Valor appreciates strategic thinking as well as quickness in handling situations. You will be able to contribute the highest percentage of winning if you are a person who knows how to control the movement properly and handle it in time. A reasonable opportunity and foresight with the lineup of both sides is something you also need to learn through each battle.

Game Liên Quân Mobile Arena of Valor

Structure Of The Game

With game Arena of Valor, you will be able to choose one of the countless champions created by the developer. Each person can buy up to 6 items of equipment that can be worn on the person. This equipment will help increase stats such as health, mana, attack, armor… Each item will have a certain amount of money. Make money by killing enemy minions that appear on the way. In addition, we can also get experience to level up when killing them. A way to make money faster with that is to destroy the generals on the opposing team. Exchange skills in a rhythmic way to poke blood and make a decisive blow to destroy.

Hack Liên Quân Mobile Arena of Valor

Rich characters

In Arena of Valor Mod, we can also change the hero character by buying costumes. Each champion will have a different number of costumes and shapes for us to choose from. Use the recharge method to be able to buy the costumes in this game. It will not make your champion stronger. But will give you an invisible power with the enjoyment of playing those champions. The unit of money to be able to buy champions in the game, you can completely earn for free. By doing in-game quests or getting rewarded after each battle.

Liên Quân Mobile Arena of Valor MOD

With the Mod version of this Arena of Valor game, we will get extremely interesting features that no other player has. In addition to the bright areas of the game that are already revealed, the dark areas are only visible when you go into it. The enemy might be lurking anywhere. So when using the Mod version of this game, you will be able to see all the maps and where the enemy champions are. In addition, the system of owning all the costumes of the generals in the game has also been installed. You will not need to spend any money to be able to own the clothes you love.

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