ARK: Survival Evolved MOD 2.0.29 (Menu, Unlimited money, God mode, Free craft, Max level)

By MinhDuc - New update 10/03/2024
ARK: Survival Evolved MOD 2.0.29 (Menu, Unlimited money, God mode, Free craft, Max level)
Name ARK: Survival Evolved
Version v2.0.29
Size 1.5GB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, God mode, Free craft, Max level
Support Android 7.0
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Studio Wildcard


If you are a lover of dinosaurs, animals that ruled the earth millions of years ago. Then do not ignore this simulation game about the dinosaur era: ARK Survival Evolved Mod . This is an adventure game that simulates prehistoric times. Where giant reptiles still dominate. Published by Studio Wildcard will give you the most realistic view of the Jurassic period. Describe the images of the largest creatures on the planet. Build a vast world with many interesting things waiting for you to explore.

Where you will have to think of ways to survive, everything is too dangerous for humans. Must know how to take advantage of the surrounding items as raw materials to create suitable objects. Hurry up to download to have the opportunity to learn more knowledge about the previous world with new things.

Download ARK Survival Evolved Mod – Find a Way to Survive in a Dangerous World

Starting in ARK Survival Evolved hack, players will be able to design their own character to role-play in it. Waking up will see a scene full of strange things, everything is so different. The game takes you into a world full of mysteries. The creatures here are all huge and terrifyingly strange. Where humans stand at the end of the food chain, life is always threatened. The animals here are dinosaurs, which exist with the most terrible power.

So you need to seek shelter immediately. Think of ways to survive in this dangerous place. Essentially, players will have to create suitable tools to support survival as well as find materials. Protect yourself against dangers that are always lurking. Or can also be used as a weapon to hunt and find food. Be very careful with your surroundings, always be careful with everything. Because the prehistoric world will have a lot of things that you do not know.


Game Ark Survival Evolved Mod

Harsh Environment

Game ARK Survival Evolved  opens a prehistoric era with large scary creatures. Humans in this world are the weakest creatures that are always threatened with life. Carnivorous dinosaurs always threatened to attack, large herbivorous dinosaurs easily crushed humans at their feet. Plants are the easiest to find, but you never know what plants can be eaten. Day time in the game is also very short, if not fast at night, it is easy to lose direction, the danger is increased many times. The environment is always harsh, if not careful, it will be life in return. So we have to quickly create auxiliary tools to help find the necessary materials.

Ear Ark Survival Evolved Mod

Many Dinosaur Species

ARK Survival Evolved Mod is created with a lot of different dinosaur species. There are more than 80 species and continue to be updated. From gentle herbivores to carnivores that always threaten the life of all living things. Or flying in the sky, including Argentavis, pterosaurs, etc., there are many species under the sea. Each different ecosystem has its own dinosaur species to exist and live. If you know the player well, you will avoid trouble.

See which one is suitable for hunting for food or materials for crafting. Or the player can capture them to make mounts. Rely on their special abilities in the air, on the ground or in the water. They will help a lot for your survival and development.

Download ARK Survival Evolved Mod

Forming a Team to Grow Together

Hack ARK Survival Evolved has a high survival nature with a lot of dangers lurking from the environment. To increase survivability, players can invite as many players as possible to form a group. With the strength of many people, the chance of survival will certainly be enhanced. Hunting together will be easy to defeat the prey. If you know how to lure combination encirclement on all sides. Or avoid the ambush of other players or dinosaurs when night comes. When a person is attacked immediately, other teammates will run to help. Find materials for the construction of the hideout. Or creating tools is also increased many times because there are many people to help.

Ark Survival Evolved Mod

In the world of dinosaurs ARK Survival Evolved Mod, the human network is always the most vulnerable to attack. Humans are really too small compared to the harshness of the environment, threats from creatures. Just a little mistake can lead to loss of life, will have to start from zero. To avoid that situation, increase the survivability of the game with the feature of immortality. Players will not have a chance to die, feel free to explore all lands. Learn all the new things about creatures in prehistoric times. Or feature unlimited money to buy powerful items and weapons. To be able to develop safely avoiding unexpected attacks without defense.

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