Download Armed Heist MOD 3.0.2 (Menu, God mode, Unlimited money, Full diamonds, Gems, Free shopping, No recoil, High damage) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 30/01/2024
Armed Heist MOD 3.0.2 (Menu, God mode, Unlimited money, Full diamonds, Gems, Free shopping, No recoil, High damage)
Name Armed Heist
Version v3.0.2
Size 85MB
MOD Features Menu, God mode, Unlimited money, Full diamonds, Gems, Free shopping, No recoil, High damage
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Sozap


I believe that everyone here, when they were children, had dreams and desires. When he grows up, he will become a policeman, become a hero. But have you ever thought that you will become a bank robber? In real life, if you commit a crime against the law, you will be arrested immediately. But if you participate in this Armed Heist game. You can do what you want like a real criminal. At the beginning of the game, you will be playing the role of a criminal who specializes in robbing banks in the city. There are many other criminals in the city, you have to contact them. Invite them to your gang to easily execute the perfect robbery. You will have to work with your friends to plan and take action. Control your character to move flexibly to easily perform robberies. After the robbery is complete, retreat with your teammates to the base and share the spoils with the gang. Your main task is to rob as much money as possible.

Download Armed Heist Mod – Play as a professional bank robber

Game Armed Heist is the best action and role-playing game on the phone. This gameplay has a very new and attractive gameplay. Make the gaming community love and support for the past 5 years. With a very diverse character system. Allows the player to become a professional thief with a variety of dressing styles. Along with many different strange face patterns will help you become more dangerous than ever.

Armed Heist Mod

The weapon system in the Armed Heist Mod is diverse. You can enjoy using all kinds of weapons. Many types of weapons, many types of costumes, many types of items such as smoke bombs, key-breaking tools, anesthetics, … Along with many other types of items for you to choose and use. But the most special and attractive feature of this game lies in the appearance customization feature. Players can design your character however you want.

Various weapon systems and vehicles

Coming to the game Armed Heist you will own many types of weapons. Includes different types of combat weapons. Designed with a super sleek look. Typically, the Assault RT4 gun models, NATO UAR, UWP, AK-47, … and many other types of weapons. Weapon systems are divided into many different categories. Includes pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles and rifles. The strengths and weaknesses of each weapon are represented by the specifications. Includes damage, rate of fire, total ammo count, reload rate, accuracy, stability, and damage. To own guns, you have to use money to buy them. The price will vary depending on the weapon.

Armed Heist Mod game

The process of carrying out a bank robbery

In version Armed Heist Mod, the process of bank robbery is divided into many different stages. In the third person perspective with the ability to observe all activities of the character. In addition to simply observing the surrounding terrain, you also have to calculate the next steps. You will have to use weapons to suppress the hostages as well as the police. When you complete the robbery but are surrounded by the police. Shoot to find holes to escape from the siege. Find a safe exit for you and your friends. If you get caught, you will die and your level will end. To win and complete the mission. You have no choice but to shoot the police. After exiting there, move to a safe area. Then your mission will be completed and you will be unlocked to play the next level. After each level, the difficulty will increase gradually and you will have to face that difficulty.

Armed Heist Mod

Special points in game and MOD features

Follow me, I will show you how special this game is? We often only see and feel the cold demeanor of police characters. However, if participating in game Armed Heist. You will see the coldness of the criminals. By customizing the appearance, you can design your character to be cold or fierce, funny, etc. From clothes, hairstyle, eye color, gestures to actions, etc….

download Armed Heist Mod

You can increase the power of your weapons by upgrading them. Through accessories such as silencers, grips, scopes, magazines… Each part when equipped increases the power of the weapon. Increase your weapon’s attack ability, accuracy, and attack power. You can also equip armor and hats to increase the character’s defense. However, to upgrade weapons and buy equipment for your character will be very expensive. So try to experience this version of our Armed Heist Mod . With the immortal mod feature, recoilless shooting will help you easily complete robberies.

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