Army Battle Simulator MOD APK 1.3.60 (Unlimited money/Free shopping)

By HAI NAM - Latest update: 01/12/2023
Army Battle Simulator MOD APK 1.3.60 (Unlimited money/Free shopping)
Name Army Battle Simulator
Version 1.3.60
MOD Features Unlimited money/Free shopping
Size 59MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Rappid Studios


Army Battle Simulator is an extremely new game, newly launched on the mobile platform. Here, the game simulates military wars. Recreate attacks with high accuracy. Therefore, you must develop strategies and use creativity in team building. Create an army of powerful units to fight against hostile forces. The objective is to bombard and destroy the entire enemy team. Win, from which you can prove your strength. In addition, extremely simple gameplay is combined with real-time and outstanding capture effects. Recreate the scene on many different battlefields. By participating in two dramatic battle modes, players will have an extremely wonderful experience. Compete with other players around the world.

Download Army Battle Simulator Mod – Deploy Army Forces Against the Enemy

Fight against the mighty army in Army Battle Simulator. In many different ways, you will be helped by your teammates. Use the money to call teammates. With limited quantities in the wars. Therefore, it is necessary to have a strategy in the process of deploying armed forces. Use the money to call up more troops, and companions. As a result, it will be highly effective in attack. Initially, you are only offered a limited amount. But can use his power in many ways. However, there must be the right strategies and the decision to use the smart army. Defeat the enemy to win, and bring peace to the world.

Army Battle Simulator Mod

Difficult task

Get ready for army battle in each level in game Army Battle Simulator. Accordingly, the quest system will open up different levels. In the role of a strategist, the player has full control. Direct the attack of the enemy formation. From there, it is possible to know the ongoing battles, forces, and positions of the enemy. Then use the money to recruit troops and execute strategies. When everything is ready, an attack between the two factions will begin. At this point, you cannot interfere. Based on the rules of the game rank winners and losers. All units of each faction were completely defeated. The remaining army will win.

Ear Army Battle Simulator Mod

Deploy a strategy at the start of a new battle

After your army defeats the enemy in a level of Army Battle Simulator. Players will be able to move to new levels to complete missions. The difficulty will increase with various factors. The number of enemies will appear more. The combat units are stronger, and their numbers can increase even more than before. Naturally, the amount to recruit units in your army will also increase. It is possible to implement different strategies. To be effective in the battles that take place in the following stages.

Army Battle Simulator Mod

Effective use of strategies applied to the game. Can greatly affect the outcome of ver Army Battle Simulator. But sometimes there is no effect in the battle between two armies. Because there are many units with top attack power. For example, an armored tank can wipe out a lot of soldiers with a single shot. So to launch an effective attack, you need to focus on strategy. Observe every enemy unit that appears on the battlefield. From there, use the money to recruit units with equal or higher stats.

Forces in the army

The armed forces in game Army Battle Simulator are divided into 5 different armed forces. Includes soldier, air force, tank, heavy, special, and epic. Each force has many units to choose from. Soldiers, for example, have units equipped with rifles, revolvers, and rocket launchers. The Air Force consists of helicopters armed with missiles and helicopters armed with machine guns. Or special units, i.e. missile warfare units. They are recruited to fight, it flies straight at the enemy and creates a huge explosion. More units from other armed forces will be added.

download Army Battle Simulator Mod

In addition to the level battle mode. Army Battle Simulator can also participate in online mode. Your competitors are online leaders. They have their own force deployment strategy. But the difference lies in the rules of the game. As well as in the army-building strategy of the two factions. Instead of being generated by the AI ​​system through each level. Here you and your opponent will create your own power.

Download Army Battle Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money/Free shopping) 2023

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