Download Arrow Fest Mod 11.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Upgrades) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 09/03/2024
Arrow Fest Mod 11.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Upgrades)
Name Arrow Fest
Version v11.1
Size ̣91MB
MOD Features Menu, Vô Hạn Tiền, Nâng Cấp
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Rollic Games


You’ve seen a new version of the game with arrows. But not according to the archery action gameplay. Arrow Fest Mod is created and developed by the Rollic Games team. It will give you a whole new look. When players join the game, they will have to try to collect as many arrows as possible. Starting from number one must gradually find ways to continuously increase the number. In order to destroy obstacles, humans are on the way. By controlling so that the arrows move through the doors erected along the way. Displayed corresponding to the basic math operations is addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. Each pass will gain or lose an amount depending on the result. And of course, the task is definitely to get as many arrows as possible before reaching the endpoint to score high results.

Download Arrow Fest Mod – Try To Get A Lot Of Arrows

By joining Arrow Fest Mod, players will control arrows, not humans. And will have to find ways to increase the number many times. As much as possible, there will be no limit. By performing basic calculations in mathematics. Move the arrows right or left to make the correct selection. Finding guaranteed answers when moving through will make the number of arrows increase. With addition being the simplest, it usually adds up by a small amount. Instead of multiplying, the number of names currently in possession can increase several times. Or if it is mandatory for both doors to be placed next to each other when passing, the arrow will be reduced. Then it is necessary to choose such that the amount of reduction is the smallest, must ensure the quantity. When meeting the target is completely qualified to destroy to go to the end of the road.Arrow Fest Mod

Control Mechanism

Arrow Fest Mod has an extremely simple control mechanism, it can be said that no game can be easier. When players participate in challenges, they will have to control the arrows. Move left or right to collect as many arrows as possible. To be more specific, players just need to use their hands to swipe up on the screen, swiping in any direction will translate to that side. The only thing that matters is how to calculate very fast at high speed. Quick, quick, quick reflexes to change direction in time. Order to make the right choices ensures a constant accumulation of large names. An increase in number is enough to overcome the challenge with the requirements set.Game Arrow Fest Mod

Multi-Level Challenge

The challenge in Arrow Fest Mod is a long journey and is divided into many different levels. Designed in a seamless succession with a low to a high level of chalking. In the first stages, the player will only have to destroy a few enemies. Or the giant at the end of the road is also few, just a small number of arrows can complete the goal. Make sure to qualify to get to the next level. But the number of enemies will gradually increase, making the challenge more difficult. At the same time, the movement speed of the arrows will also quickly increase. Requires players to constantly practice, in time to make reasonable choices. Try to make it all the way to the end of the journey.Tai Arrow Fest Mod

Lots of Roads

Arrow Fest Mod except has a simple, highly entertaining gameplay to attract players. The game also has paths designed to form different levels. Each challenge brings a new scene on both sides of the road. It can be the rows of trees, the desert, or the city at night. Each brings a completely new style and color. And completely viewed from above, creating a sense of attraction to players. In addition, the enemies, or the doorways to increase the number of arrows, are randomly arranged. That means each level will bring a whole new challenge.Download Arrow Fest Mod

Arrow Fest Mod is not as simple as imagined, especially with the levels at the end. It is completely possible for a player to lose if they are not careful and do not guarantee eligibility. For example, upgrading arrows or buying support items will ensure a high win rate. Usually, it takes a while to accumulate enough money. But no need to be satisfied with the mod that has unlimited money and upgrades. Make sure to buy everything in the store without worrying about fees. As well as completely free upgrades when participating in the experience.

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