Art Puzzle Mod 3.29.0 (Unlimited Hints)

By MinhDuc - New update 07/03/2024
Art Puzzle Mod 3.29.0 (Unlimited Hints)
Name Art Puzzle - jigsaw puzzles
Version v3.29.0
Size 52MB
MOD Features Unlimited Hints
Support Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Easybrain


Art Puzzle Mod is a puzzle game with extremely attractive jigsaw gameplay. Created and developed by the Easybrain team. If you are an art lover and want a puzzle challenge. Then this is a great option. When the game will bring players a lot of different pictures. With many styles to tell about things in everyday life. Designed with classic style drawings. But all are hidden in color, forming incomplete works. And the player when joining the game will be in the role of the finisher. Just being able to see more of the art paintings. There is also an opportunity to test your intelligence. With pre-built images, just waiting for the selection to fill in the appropriate space.

Download Art Puzzle Mod – Puzzles By Jigsaw Completing Beautiful Works of Art

In real life, there is too much pressure to stress the mind. And the best way to relieve that is to find yourself a game to entertain. Art Puzzle Mod will meet that. Built with extremely light puzzle gameplay that promises to bring hours of real relaxation. Join the game players will have the opportunity to see more works of art. Great drawings tell about many aspects of life inside. Not only that, but players will also get the opportunity to express themselves. When the drawings themselves will become puzzles. When a lot of details and colors are hidden, what is left will be a blank space with brushstrokes. Players will have to find the appropriate pictures in the frame in the table below. Pre-designed, just drag and drop to fill in the appropriate places.Game Art Puzzle Mod

Many Beautiful Works

Art Puzzle Mod is indeed a game with simple gameplay, but not so that the developer is sketchy in building content. Quite the contrary, the game will surprise you with the collection of works that have been designed. When you join the puzzle challenge experience. All paintings are created by famous artists in the world. Not only that, the game is always updated with a lot of work every day. With the desire for players to be able to see and enjoy more things about life. When each drawing is not simply an object, it is also the heart of the artist. Talk about many things they feel, beautiful aspects of life. Try to complete them all, to see the true beauty of the works in the game.Download Art Puzzle Mod

Variety of Events

Contrary to its appearance, Art Puzzle Mod has a lot of different events designed by the developer. They are organized seasonally, in a year it is unknown how many types there are. Free for players to try, look at many works in typical styles. There are even drawings that only appear during this time, and when the time expires, they will automatically disappear. Players will have to try harder if they want to be able to see it all. Only when the puzzle can be solved can a finished work be obtained. Not to mention, if done well, you can also receive postcards. As a unique bonus with animated images.Art Puzzle Mod

Daily Tasks

Art Puzzle Mod offers a truly challenging environment. When the game is updated every day, there are new tasks that require players to perform. It’s not too big of a deal but simply revolves around the gameplay of the game. Of course, this is good, as players get the chance to try more. Continuously improve the ability to use your brain. Moreover, when done well, there are very special rewards. Those are unique trophies with high art. Show the player’s level when being able to solve all puzzles. It is completely possible to collect a whole set and put it in the inventory for everyone to know about its abilities.Tai Art Puzzle Mod

Art Puzzle Mod is created with many challenges. Each picture will correspond to a game screen, the difficulty will be increased gradually through each level. So it can be quite simple to get over it at first. But then there will be times when you will encounter pictures with many similar details. The search is extremely difficult, it can be very hard, but it is normal not to find the solution. Players can completely use hints. Don’t worry, the game is designed with an infinite hints mod. Free to use to be able to complete the work quickly.

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