Attack Hole Mod APK 1.17.0 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/12/2023
Attack Hole Mod APK 1.17.0 (Unlimited Money)
Name Attack Hole
Version v1.17.0
Size 96MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.1
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers Homa


Attack Hole is one of the new action games with a lot of interesting details. Published by RedLineGames, has brought players a new breath. An interesting game, fun but equally thrilling. This game helps players role-play and transform into a black hole. You will go everywhere to be able to eat items and gradually increase your size. Besides, you can release electric flames with a terrible frequency that can burn everything. Or turn into a mini cosmic black hole and suck everything inside.

Download Attack Hole MOD – Control a black hole, eat everything you can

The most voracious objects in this galaxy are probably the Black Holes. Wherever they appear, they can still swallow everything big and small into their hearts. Causes objects to disappear forever. Black holes eliminate all sources of energy and vitality of all things and so far there are still many mysteries to be discovered. Based on this principle, Attack Hole has given players a fairly simple task. You move your black hole, skillfully approaching every resource. Including food, drink, guns, ammunition, muscular arms, … and devour them.

Download Attack Hole Mod

Alternatively, you can choose your favorite black hole design. And go like a master hoard in the field full of weapons and try to clear it. In the end, you will have to fight the enemy with all the weapons that you collect in the arcade hole. However, you can also be swallowed by black holes larger than yourself. So, choose the right strategy to win in the end.

Unlimited challenges and always limited time

Join the game Attack Hole players have unlimited challenges without being limited by any boundaries. You are free to play continuously and look on the leaderboard to see where you are compared to other players.

The general rule of the game is that if you move to an object equivalent to the diameter of the black hole or less. Your black hole will automatically swallow the item. With larger weapons, you will need a large black hole in terms of size to swallow. If the item you need to get is on top or in the middle, dotted with other objects. You have to gently move around to create just enough suction, causing objects to vibrate slightly. When the vibration is enough, it will drop the item to be collected. At this time, just gently enter and swallow immediately.

Tải Attack Hole Mod

The ultimate goal in Attack Hole Mod is to get into the black hole as many unique weapons as possible. The arms will add power and give you remarkable flexibility in boss battles. Become the most powerful black hole in the universe and swallow as many items as you can. However, the clock is ticking, each level has a time limit. The atmosphere is relaxed but highly focused on the difficulties that are in front of you continuously, without stopping.

Defeat all opponents

The black hole in the game Attack Hole has a terrible power. However, they can still be swallowed by larger black holes. Therefore, a wise strategy is indispensable to contribute to victory. You need to stay away from players with a larger black hole size than you to avoid being swallowed up. Then compete with other players to get to the top of this level. The players in the first place will possess a superior score and it is very difficult to beat them. However, if you try, nothing is impossible. Together, the more points you accumulate, the greater the chance of defeating the enemy.

Game Attack Hole Mod

If playing alone makes you feel lonely and boring. Game Attack Hole allows you to join with your friends. From here, you can form a professional black hole team. And sweep everywhere to defeat other teams in the area. Raise the spirit of solidarity, you can quickly achieve high scores and create special strategies. Bring glory to yourself and your teammates.

Minimalist graphics but not boring

Attack Hole Mod is designed in a minimalist style. The monsters that appear in the game carry a bubble doll. They have colors without a specific identity. All weapons, obstacles, and other collectibles are rendered in minimalist 3D. In addition, you are also free to choose the outfit you want. Thanks to the rich inventory of costumes on the game system. Extremely interesting and funny costumes are looking for their owners. Choose your favorite outfit. And always stand out from the crowd in your own way.

The sound used as the background music for the game is also quite monotonous. But still create a feeling of fresh melodious, lots of energy. Although simple, everything is just enough for players to easily access and have interesting experiences.

Hack Attack Hole Mod

Attack Hole will make you not bored and always enjoy the game games. When you want to change the scene, it is completely possible to change to another interesting place for players. Right in the open sea where the big waves crash, a green island. Along with many schools of fish swimming is delicious food for your black hole. Thanks to that you can quickly increase in size and become the head with the greatest strength. Download Attack Hole, overcome adorable challenges and become the most powerful black hole in the galaxy.

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