B100X Mod APK 2.1.4 (Item Drop)

By MinhDuc - New update 28/11/2023
B100X Mod APK 2.1.4 (Item Drop)
Name B100X - Auto Dungeon RPG
Version v2.1.4
Size 66MB
MOD Features Item Drop
Support Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers ohNussy


B100X Mod takes the theme from the Japanese dungeon. A country of the rising sun. Scary challenges bring an unforgettable experience for players. Is an action role-playing game, combined with adventure elements. The gameplay takes place in an automatic style. Promises to bring players moments of relaxation. The character control mechanism is quite simple and easy to perform in combat operations. In particular, create a completely new environment. Allows you to fight comfortably without any worries. Different from other similar dungeon-themed role-playing games on the market. This game offers a unique experience, so since its launch, it has received a lot of support from people around the world.

Download B100X Mod – The Battle Of The Heroine Holly In The Dungeon

The story of B100X Mod revolves around the main character, the heroine Holly. The scene opens in a dungeon room, divided into several different floors. Dungeons were created to contain and hold the horrors in them. If you accidentally get lost, it is difficult to return intact. But for the brave like you, it must be an easy thing. With content, the game takes place according to an interesting storyline. Join the game you transform into the heroine Holly fighting the devil.B100X Mod

Stop enemy domination plots. By actively engaging in the lair of the dark forces. Objective B100X Mod uncovers untold mysteries. Go deeper into the dungeon to be able to complete the quest as quickly as possible. Based on the auto-attack gameplay, Holly will attack the enemy in battle and fight the monster that gets in the way and destroy the boss behind.

There are 3 game modes

Includes the most exciting experiences for players. B100X Mod offers 3 different modes. Like offline mode, online mode, and seasonal mode. Each mode opens up matches according to its own gameplay. In offline mode, you can play without the Internet. Along with that, the online mode can chat with many people around the world. Or rather, confront, and win to put your name on the leaderboard. Next is the season mode, which is the same as the online mode. But the difference is that there are many matches and after the end of the fight will be moved to another season. Experience each mode to discover more new ones.download B100X Mod

Various missions

B100X Mod offers a very diverse mission system. Through battles with monsters. Complete missions quickly to get valuable rewards. Typically won the match. Attack the dungeon with the specified number. The game also allows players to equip items for the character. To increase combat ability or remove an item. Combine them together to create new powers.Game B100X Mod

In B100X Mod, there are many other tasks that will be unlocked gradually. Complete the tasks, in turn, to quickly receive rewards. Depending on the difficulty of the match, you will receive the corresponding amount of experience. When gaining experience to a new level, your character will gain strength attributes. As well as learn new combat skills to attack more superior. Easily destroy enemies with a variety of moves.

Types of equipment

Bring in your arsenal of extremely rich equipment. B100X Mod has a lot of different equipment items such as weapons, costumes, shoes, gloves, and defensive shields. Each item has its own advantages. As for weapons, there are many types, with unique attack styles. For example swords, bows, wands, scythes, and more. Their abilities will be used by you in the dungeon battle. Bows and arrows can deal physical damage at long range. Or wands that can deal magic damage. And there are many more weapons with their own features and damage. Not stopping, it is also possible to increase the power of weapons by upgrading them. The difference in power between weapons will manifest in the number of stars.Ear B100X Mod

B100X Mod is an action role-playing game, fighting monsters in a dark dungeon. You will face a lot of different enemies. They are very scary demons. Possessing outstanding strength, it has its own fighting style. As you go deeper into the dungeon, the power of the monsters will increase. You need to fight, and gain experience to level up. Learn more skills. Equip yourself with the most advanced weapons, and upgrade them enough to have the power to defeat every opponent in the dungeon. What are you waiting for without experiencing and destroying all the enemies together?

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