Bad Girls Wrestling Game Mod 2.2 (Unlimited Money, Unlock Characters)

By MinhDuc - New update 28/02/2024
Bad Girls Wrestling Game Mod 2.2 (Unlimited Money, Unlock Characters)
Name Bad Girls Wrestling Game
Version v2.2
Size 85MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlock Characters
Support Android 5.0
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Fighting Arena


Do you know the sport of wrestling or famous competitions like WWE? Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter Mod is created and developed by the Fighting Arena team. I will let you know more about this subject. But it will be about the fight of female warriors. With a huge muscular body. The game simulates many matches, creating countless 1 vs 1 hand-to-hand combat competitions. Giving players the opportunity to try their hand at becoming a warrior in different roles. By joining the game, players will have to choose for themselves a female character to represent. Replace yourself to compete with other opponents. Also female, but certainly not inferior to male wrestlers. Bring in the goal of winning everything to become the champion, and have a belt for yourself.

Download Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter Mod – Fight To Prove You Are Competent

Join Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter Mod to claim that duel of female wrestlers. Not inferior to men. Players choose for themselves a character at will. Then participate in competitions, trying with the goal of winning to prove. Fight powerful opponents, finding ways to deliver decisive blows. Defeat all to reach the top of the leaderboard, and become the champion. But to do that is not easy, requires a lot of the player’s ability. Because the game has an extremely complex button system. But along with that, the character will be able to perform more combat moves. Such as karate, boxing, martial arts, and animal movements. When knowing the combination of moving to find loopholes. Along with that, give single attacks in a certain sequence.Game Bad Girls Wrestling Game Mod

Special Actions

Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter Mod accurately simulates the wrestling game. So obviously, in addition to martial arts and single attacks, the game is also designed with countless special moves. In actual combat is used a lot. The simplest and most popular like Arm Lock or Atomic Drop. Once done, the effect is extremely surprising. Can deal extremely high damage to opponents. If you use it at key moments or find an opening, you can completely defeat it directly. But with that, it is difficult to create a blow, because it requires a perfect combination of many movements. In addition, players can also use some weapons on the field. Just as effective as special attacks.Download Bad Girls Wrestling Game Mod

Online Competition

Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter Mod not only has competitive modes against machines. Meet pre-designed opponents. So that players can try and practice. The game can also be played with real people. By using the online game mode. Challenge new enemies who are controlled by other players. The ability is certainly not inferior to the machine, even more. Being pitted against those who have more skill level, surely players should also develop accordingly. That is so when playing online if you win, especially when you are at the top of the rankings. Winning the title, holding the belt, everyone will know your ability. No one can even invite friends or acquaintances to play together to increase interaction.Bad Girls Wrestling Game Mod

Many Characters To Choose From

Although the game Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter Mod is simply a duel in the ring. Whether competing in the category or any tournament is the same. But the character system is not inferior to any other game. There are up to 33 people, spoiled for players to choose to find one of them to represent the battle. Each character will take on a shape with different costumes fighting differently. There are big fat people and there are people with big muscles. As gladiators, so it’s not just that. To create special, some characters are also drawn with tattoos, creating a fierce look.Tai Bad Girls Wrestling Game Mod

As above, Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter Mod has up to 33 characters. But all in order to be able to own it, you need to meet the financial requirements. It was very difficult to get one person, let alone a full set of income. Almost players have to play non-stop to get enough money. So we also want to make the player experience easier. The game is created with two more features, unlimited money mods, and character unlocking. Not only each character, with unlimited money can do much more. Almost every item that can be purchased becomes free. Due to the amount of money that can be possessed there is almost no harm.

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