BattleBox Mod APK 2.6.01 (Immortal)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 05/11/2023
BattleBox Mod APK 2.6.01 (Immortal)
Name BattleBox
Version 2.6.01
MOD Features Immortal
Size 113MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher ChaloApps


You want to find a shooting game in 3D style. BattleBox Mod is a novel option that you should not ignore. The game is created and developed by the ChaloApps team. Bring promises to bring unique entertainment hours for players. A place for players to challenge themselves. Participate in intense, dramatic gunfights, pitting your friends against each other. With countless matches taking place every day with other players to try. Having the opportunity to show off the talent of holding a gun, aligning the mind in the right direction. Aim and shoot, ready to destroy all enemies in the smoke and fire arenas. Try the feeling of being held in the hands of the guns to become a real warrior. Prove yourself as a good shooter, aiming for the top.

Download BattleBox Mod – Join the Hot Smoke Battlefield and Prove Yourself

BattleBox Mod is built according to the familiar shooting gameplay. There have been many games of the same genre that have been released before. But the game will not let players be disappointed when experiencing it. With simple attractive gameplay, and vividly designed images. Join the game, players will have the opportunity to become a soldier. You can try and compete with other players in battles. Equip yourself with weapons to fight. Entering the battle is very simple, if you see someone with a different color, you can attack. It was an enemy designed to be easily recognizable. And teammates are characters that appear on the head with many different names. But will be the same color as the player’s own character to control. And players will have to perform to destroy as many enemies as possible. The game will bring intense battles,BattleBox Mod

Game Mode

BattleBox Mod is created with three main modes. Each one will bring a different challenge and gameplay for players to try. The first mode is the most popular and most experienced sandbox in the game. A place for players to create their own matches. When it is possible to select an enemy with a number of your choice, a battle map, or a specific rule. But the best thing is to mention Deathmatch. This is the real battlefield, a solo mode for players to be able to compete with many strong opponents. The enemies as well as you are controlled by real people. And the goal is the number of kills, so it requires very high skill. The third mode is Team battle, with the team fighting gameplay. Can be played with friends to increase the fun.Tai BattleBox Mod

Powerful Armory

Because BattleBox Mod is a shooting game, the game is created with a lot of different weapons. The most common that cannot be ignored is guns. The game has an arsenal containing countless types of guns. As wide as Ak47 has great damage to sniper rifles, pistols also have nearly a dozen types. Only fear that players do not have the opportunity to be used up, but the game does not lack weapons to fight. And a match can bring more than one gun, completely can be reversed with the push of a button. There are also bombs and bullets. The damage caused by the bomb is not to be discussed, a bomb can explode on a large area. Standard throw at the same time can kill up to several enemies, feel free to experience to see the benefits.Download BattleBox Mod

Support Items

In addition to weapons used for combat, BattleBox Mod also has support items. If you own and know how to use it, it will be very useful in battles. When fighting, no matter how good the player is, it is completely possible to take damage and lose blood. At this time, the first aid box will be very useful, replenishing the character’s blood to continue fighting. Ammo is an indispensable thing for every gun, it is necessary to always ensure this item. Or typically with armor, the character that the player controls will increase defense. Very beneficial in head-to-head combat. In general, players should not ignore items, even though it is only a small part of deciding victory.Game BattleBox Mod

BattleBox Mod is a face-to-face fighting game so there’s only a gap between life and death. If you don’t need to be careful, and ready in situations, it’s normal to have to make sacrifices. The character’s blood is just that, all of them only have a certain amount. But who does not want to win, to ensure people, the mod was created. With the immortal feature, every battle player no longer has to worry about. The enemy will no longer be the problem of being unable to damage and take the life of the character you control. Now it’s easy to get to the top.

Download BattleBox MOD APK (Immortal) 2023

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