Download BattleOps MOD APK 1.4.20 (Menu, Unlimited Money/Ammo) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 13/01/2024
BattleOps MOD APK 1.4.20 (Menu, Unlimited Money/Ammo)
Name BattleOps
Version v1.4.20
Size 296MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money/Ammo
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Quiet inc


BattleOps is a very unique action shooting game. Created and developed by the Quiet Games Inc team. With many different modes for players to experience and try. Game built in the form of realistic 3D graphics. Bring the desire to meet all the requirements of gamers. Even for the most demanding person. The game is created with a modern gameplay that includes many different challenges. Promise is an ideal choice. Can entertain in free time, relieve mental stress. Give players a chance to try. Become a professional shooter with many missions. Show your fighting talent when confronted, pitted against all kinds of opponents. Not only amateurs but also many masters. Unleash your passion for shooting each other with guns.

Download BattleOps MOD – Challenge Yourself With Various Opponents

You can see that the game BattleOps is not the first game in this genre. But just created. Although the popularity is not high. But get certain features as well as certain advantages. It is sure to please every player, when downloaded and ready to take on challenges. Entering the game, the thing that immediately catches the eye is the graphics. With meticulous design, promises to bring the best environment. Where players can freely show their shooting skills. Built up with four main battle modes. Not only solo, but also can cooperate with others to participate in team competitions. There is no shortage of competitive matches for players to challenge themselves. And yet, opponents as well as enemies besides humans also have other special creatures. Corresponding to the desired selection of each person that will be paired. Try to keep developing yourself.

Download BattleOps Mod

Intuitive Controls

BattleOps Mod is designed with a very familiar control system. Almost all games today follow a certain standard. Includes many virtual buttons, carrying in them different uses and functions. With the left side used for movement, where the collection of elements aids the player in recovery. On the right is a system of buttons to attack, change ammunition and aim. There is a very special point here that players can completely customize according to their own desires. Just go to the settings and select the appropriate function to change the interface. Drag and drop is extremely simple, you can make it as big or small as you like. As long as it is satisfactory for easier control and more convenient.

Game BattleOps Mod

Modern Armory

Built with shooting action gameplay, the BattleOps is designed with a huge arsenal of weapons. Free for players to try and enjoy. Facilitating experience, holding all kinds of different guns. Not simply with specialized pistols. The game is not lacking, only taking into account the rifle genre, there are nearly a dozen guns. Not to mention the submachine gun, in just a short time it is possible to fire a series of magazines. In terms of damage, it may not be equal to other types, but the speed and stability are first-class. Typically like Micro Uzi, SMG or Thompson and many more. There are also plate weapons that are close to knives, which deal great damage like grenades. Or combat support items, such as smoke bombs.

BattleOps Mod

Various Game Modes

As previously introduced, BattleOps Mod is built with four main game modes. The first is the campaign mode. Where players will be put on an island with the requirement to survive to the end. Of course that will not be easy when there are so many different opponents. Constantly fighting for life. The story mode is the same, except that it has to follow a process set by the developer. Offline PVP offers short battles. With top-notch shooting competitions. Not just between people. But here the game also has some more options for players to try. Finally, the zombie mode, about the war between the warriors and the undead animals.

Tai BattleOps Mod

Built with two new features that the original didn’t have. BattleOps Mod has unlimited money/ammo, players can shop freely. Create the best conditions for the character to develop. Increase the win rate in every battle. Especially the gas the opponent will encounter is extremely strong. Preparation is never superfluous. In combat life and death are decided in an instant. Don’t be afraid to buy weapons and upgrade them. Unlimited ammo also creates an advantage for the player. What’s better than when a gun can’t run out of bullets no matter how much you shoot.

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