Beam of Magic MOD 1.41.0 (Menu, Unlimited money, gems, full diamond, God mode, Damage)

By MinhDuc - New update 21/05/2024
Beam of Magic MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited money, gems, full diamond, God mode, Damage)
Name Beam of Magic
Version v1.41.0
Size 140MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, gems, full diamond, God mode, Damage
Support Android 5.0
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers Zillion Whales


Beam of Magic is an action role-playing game that allows online multiplayer against each other. The background is a large world with many monsters and giant leaders. Your team will explore various dungeons and locations in this open world. You will be playing the role of a brave hero, ready to confront countless monsters. And rescue the beautiful princesses who are lost somewhere in the nooks and crannies of the deep forest. Unlike other action games, your character uses magic power as the main thing. With magic power in your hand, you will quickly defeat the monster. Many difficulties and attractive challenges are waiting for you.

Download Beam of Magic Mod – The powerful magician destroys monsters and rescues the princess

Temporarily forget about the gun battle action games that are too boring for you. And try to join Beam of Magic and immerse yourself in this exciting fantasy world. Great game for those looking for a roguelike game with a dungeon setting. Explore each different map in turn, fighting with lots of little monsters around you. And you have to destroy a big and thorny final boss monster, after defeating it, you can explore the next terrain. This game also has a lot of copies to help you practice skills, earn money and equip. In the main game mode, it is a long journey, many maps with monsters of increasing strength.

Download Beam of Magic Mod

Selection of characters and weapons

A game with a top-down perspective, but Beam of Magic Mod is still very diverse in terms of characters to choose from. Your hero will be a powerful mage, dressed as a creator. Or a tall witch with a witch’s hat in a fairy tale. A mysterious ninja with a mask, or a slightly monstrous boy with red skin, but possessing magical powers. The number of monsters and their strength will increase after each level. So your warriors will also be equipped with additional weapons and support items. It’s cape, necklace, ring, earring, and especially scepter… they will help increase your attack power.

Tải Beam of Magic Mod

Fight with friends

Playing games that can only be played alone is boring. Not to mention, the Beam of Magic game will have extreme hardships and challenges. Obstructing your exploration, becoming the strongest warrior is not easy. PvP mode solves all of that. You can invite acquaintances to the game and destroy monsters together. They will have special skills that you do not own, maximum support for each other in combat. Join them to fight the most powerful bosses, explore new lands full of mysteries. Accompanying each other in life-and-death battles will help you understand each other better. Let’s enjoy great entertainment moments together.

Game Beam of Magic Mod

Various jungle monsters and terrible bosses

When you come to Beam of Magic Mod, you will be faced with countless different monsters. But the great poisonous spider, or the giant scorpion of the deep forest, and the unidentified youkai. They appear everywhere and rush towards you from all directions. Defeat them to get diamonds, armor and sometimes special moves. It’s just the minions, the boss of monsters is much more terrifying. With a tremendous amount of blood enough for you to fight sweat with it. And sublime magic will strike you back with countless bullets fired. Requires you to quickly dodge because it is the final boss, so it has very high damage.

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Download the Mod version of Beam of Magic here to own an unlimited amount of money, diamonds, and gems. Helps you freely buy magic staffs, and other equipment to increase your power. With simple graphic design but still brings a great experience. Thanks to the funny character and monster designs, combined with attractive fast-paced gameplay. Lots of different maps for you to explore and overcome. Unlimited monsters for you to freely conquer. You can play games with friends, or make new friends from all over the world. Start your journey with Beam of Magic to become a talented magician, fight and protect the world against monsters.

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