Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod APK 4.0.7 (Unlimited Coins, Unlocked)

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Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod APK 4.0.7 (Unlimited Coins, Unlocked)
Name Beat Blade: Dash Dance
Version 4.0.7
MOD Features Unlimited Coins, Unlocked
Size 119MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Casual
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Price FREE
Publisher BattleCry HQ Studio


Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod is a music-style game. The game was created by the BattleCry HQ Studio team. Will take the player to become a warrior in the hand holding a weapon with the goal of cubes. Require attack to destroy to score. Immerse yourself in the music that corresponds to the different designed battles. Publishers rely on rhythm to make cubes appear. Depending on the track to create difficulty, challenging players with sharp eyes in control. Enjoy the music, there will be a series of popular songs built for players to experience. Just being a warrior, I was released in the music world.

Download Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod – Speed ​​Challenge On Music Background

Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod was created with many levels for players to experience. With the difficulty increasing with each level, each level will be a whole new challenge. Or the difficulty also depends on the selected song. Participating in the game screen will be transformed into a warrior, requiring moving to avoid obstacles. If you touch it many times, you will have to end the game. At the same time, the player controls the character so that the attack on the cubes continuously appears, in order to score points. For each screen that always requires a certain value to challenge the player, there will be milestones to determine achievements. Speed ​​is always increasing, requiring quick reflexes to complete the level. In particular, the game has a series of famous songs for players to experience. Immerse yourself in a huge world of music.Game Beat Blade Dash Dance Mod

Huge Music Store

Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod is built with a huge music store. With a lot of different songs that are famous around the world. From hits that have made waves in the country to legendary songs with a high number of listeners. Trending songs are always updated by the game in the fastest way to create levels for players to experience. Challenge yourself with slow-paced soothing music. Or you can also choose a high-speed track, which requires skill. With a large amount of no need to worry, choose a suitable song to express yourself. Become a warrior slashing all the cubes to score high scores.Beat Blade Dash Dance Mod

Special Character Design

Characters in Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod are designed in the form of warriors. With colors completely selected by the player, can be changed easily. But the point that makes it stand out is the weapon on the hand of each character. Be it a Japanese sword, thor’s hammer, a scythe, etc. There are also lollipops or frying pans that can also become an item to take away to participate in the game screen. The game has a whole arsenal of different weapons, comfortable for players to choose from. Hold in hand to smash, slash, and break the cubes on the game screen to score points.Download Beat Blade Dash Dance Mod

Graphics And Sound

Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod designed sharp 3D graphics. With the desire to let players feel the most realistic image. Effects with a variety of colors, attacking the player’s vision. Make players feel like they are becoming a real warriors to break the cubes. Or fast sound is built to be the most famous in the world. Meticulously polished for the best quality. When participating in the game screen, in addition to controlling the character to destroy the cubes. You can again immerse yourself in the world of music, into the rhythm of the songs.Tai Beat Blade Dash Dance Mod

Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod has been improved with some functions such as unlimited coins. Players can go buy necessary or favorite products. To choose, use in the game screen. Or the unlock feature, everything that was restricted in the original can be exploited in this version. Such as weapons or some special songs. But no longer a problem when everything is now usable. Feel free to make choices, just fit and love. Equipment to bring, and participate in the game screen. Now it’s just a matter of trying, putting everything into the games. Challenge yourself with different songs to try your way towards a perfect score.

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