Beat Fire Mod 1.4.07 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 20/05/2024
Beat Fire Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name Beat Fire
Version v1.4.07
Size 40MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.1
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers Adaric Music


Beat Fire Mod is created from a unique combination of music and guns. Created and developed by the Adaric Music team. Will bring completely new gameplay, when using guns as weapons to attack. But here are not enemies but objects falling from above to below. Following are the musical notes, when firing them the sound will be emitted. The player will play the role of a cheater. Try to hit them on target to create complete music. Just challenge the agility in reaction to having fun. You can also enjoy a variety of different music with cheerful tones. Make the player’s mood when experiencing more comfortable. Definitely will forget the fatigue and stress after a hard working day.

Download Beat Fire Mod – Experience Enjoying Music In A Whole New Way

Music games today have a lot, typically Magic Tiles with three different versions. But there is certainly no game like Beat Fire Mod. Combine the general shooting genre with music. Two styles of play that had almost nothing in common were now one. Give players a completely new experience when participating in the game. Immerse yourself in countless songs to challenge your abilities. With a lot of different levels created with increasing difficulty. During the match, there will be non-stop objects being dropped from above. It is almost impossible to predict the direction of movement, completely randomly designed. The distance from the point to be visible to the end is also very short, only a few seconds. Players will need to be quick-witted and always ready to be able to shoot them all.

Download Beat Fire Mod

Vast Music Store

Beat Fire Mod was created to make the participants have the best experience. That’s why the game is invested a lot. Among them, the first is about music, one of the two main parts. The game is designed with a huge music store. All of these are famous songs in the world, some of which are also on the top charts of many countries. Not only Europe, but Asia like Korea also has a lot of work. Music is very diverse, of many genres. And they are all reworked by the developer to be playful—for example, DJ, EDM, or hip-hop, with a fun sound. Moreover, the game is also updated according to a certain cycle, the music store will consistently be increased.

Game Beat Fire Mod

Survive Various Guns

The game has not only music components, shooting is also considered as the other half that makes up Beat Fire Mod. But a shooting game cannot be without weapons or only one type. To be compatible with the gameplay, the game creates a lot of guns of different genres. Shotguns, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, etc. are all available. There must be at least one or two guns. But the colors are much more colorful than they are. All kinds of colors, and a desire to bring a new feeling to players. Or the game is also designed with more than 10 skins for weapons. To increase the uniqueness and interest. When you have the opportunity to change the original appearance of your guns.

Beat Fire Mod

Changeable Battle Objects And Background

Beat Fire Mod has a particularly interesting point. Completely collectible to unlock special items. Make the matches more beautiful when the background can be changed. Or specimens are dropped from above for the player to shoot. The game is designed for many types, there are two ways to own it. The first uses money, the second relies on quests in the occasional generated events. The object will correspond to the background of the match. For example, when Christmas is near, there will definitely be separate tasks. When you complete the task, you will receive a reward.

Tai Beat Fire Mod

As mentioned above, the gameplay of Beat Fire Mod is very simple. But in terms of graphics and design, the opposite is true. The game wants to bring the best experience to players. That’s why a lot of things are added to strengthen. Like the skins of weapons, guns, or objects and backgrounds in competitions. However, to own it, takes money and effort, in the original version requires a very high challenge. But it also somewhat reduces the excitement of the player. So a new version is created, with unlimited money mods. Solve all problems, spoil for shopping, and unlock limited things.

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