Beat Racing Mod APK 2.2.1 (Unlimited Money, God Mode)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/12/2023
Beat Racing Mod APK 2.2.1 (Unlimited Money, God Mode)
Name Beat Racing
Latest Version v2.2.1
File capacity 80MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, God Mode
Support Android 4.4
Category Racing
Price Free at GenZVNmod
Link to get it on
Google Play
Developers Badsnowball Limited


Beat Racing Mod is a particularly interesting game. Created and developed by the Badsnowball Limited team. It is a combination of two popular genres. It’s racing and music, two things that are unrelated but that’s why it’s so unique. Bringing a completely new way to play for players to experience. Especially for those who are in need of a game to entertain in times of mental stress. What’s better than having a game for players to satisfy their passion for driving cars? There are also famous melodious and youthful songs that are always updated. And can also test your ability to avoid, quickly. When matches are created that require skillful movement. Avoid the obstacles towards the destination and complete the goal.

Download Beat Racing Mod – Show off your car control skills on a Magical Music Race

Entering Beat Racing Mod, players will definitely not be able to ignore the thrilling racing matches. There are dozens of challenges waiting to be discovered. Are the races and players will be mastered? Become a car driver, and a racer participating in solo competition. That is, only the player on the musical path is designed in full color. With a track with only three lanes, players need to move left or right. Follow the right direction to collect all the blue spheres that appear on the road. Let the sound of the song come out as well as score a high score. Not only that, but the game also requires speed that will be gradually increased over time. On the way, there will also be obstacles bearing the image of urchin blocks.Game Beat Racing Mod

Depending on the Musical Tempo

From the name of the game, more or less everyone knows that Beat Racing Mod brings rhythmic racing. Everything needs to depend on the tempo of the music the player chooses. Or a developer-designed challenge. As everyone knows, in a piece of music there will be low notes and high notes. Or there is a fast part, a slow part. If it is on a fast track, the race will become much more difficult. The speed of the car will become faster, requiring players to quickly follow. Requires high concentration if you do not want to lose. Promptly handle the situation to avoid dangerous obstacles. At the same time aim to score high when collecting the blue spheres.Tai Beat Racing Mod

Premium Vehicle System

Talking about cars in Beat Racing Mod, there is no need to talk about luxury and high-class. The game is designed with a variety of cars, all of which are extremely beautiful supercars. In terms of realism, there is no need to discuss, an eye-catching, realistic design. Make anyone fall in love when they see it and want to own it. Sports cars for racing of famous brands. Such as Laferrari, Lexus LFA, lamborghini, etc. Players participating in the game will completely have the opportunity to experience it. Challenging speed on expensive cars is almost impossible in reality. Of course, it will take some money if you want to own it and use it in the races.Download Beat Racing Mod

Huge Music Store

Another highlight of Beat Racing Mod that everyone enjoys is the music. The game is designed with the desire to give the best to players. It is all too common to have a music store created. A huge collection with many songs from the country by famous singers. Loved and received by the majority of people to international songs that have taken the world by storm. And there has never been a limit, the game will not stop being updated. There will certainly be a lot more music in the database. Feel free to immerse yourself in different songs.Beat Racing Mod

Beat Racing Mod looks so simple, but there are a lot of things that need money to be able to own. The first is that the car in the game is extremely expensive because it is all super cars. Next is the vip music, if you want to use it to challenge, you will need to pay a fee. And the price is not cheap, it takes a lot of work to earn enough to buy one item. But to own all to create a collection of vehicles must take a lot of time. Avoid letting players feel helpless, unlimited money mods and God Mode were created. Bring a huge amount of money to the limit. Free to serve for shopping.

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