Beat Shooter Mod APK 2.2.9 (Unlimited Money, Unlock VIP)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/12/2023
Beat Shooter Mod APK 2.2.9 (Unlimited Money, Unlock VIP)
Name Beat Shooter - Music & Guns
Version v2.2.9
Size 82MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlock VIP
Support Android 5.0
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers Badsnowball Limited


Beat Shooter Mod is a great entertainment game. Created under the combination of two special genres. The first is music, which brings relaxation to the mind after tiring working hours. Second, shooting is very popular and loved by many people. The game carries a great expectation from the developer Badsnowball Limited. With the promise for the participants to get the best experience. When being discovered as well as learn a lot of different famous songs. Show off your gun shooting skills with endlessly dropping musical notes. With the task of defeating all, forming a piece of complete music. And yet, the game also has a dedicated component for scoring. Help players evaluate their own strengths. As well as knowing his ability to fight to constantly strive.

Download Beat Shooter Mod – Show Shooting Skills On Various Popular Tracks

The game market today is very diverse, all genres. Rhythmic games are also not uncommon. But one thing is for sure, no game has unique gameplay like Beat Shooter Mod. With a special combination of shooting and music. Seemingly unrelated, but inconceivably compatible. Join the player to satisfy his passion for shooting and also enjoy different famous music. When the game is designed with a series of challenges based on many songs. Not only in the country but also abroad. Based on the rhythm that forms the goals. For up there are many levels to freely try. Depending on the choice to start from easy to high, constantly improve yourself. In the battle, the player will be equipped with a gun. Used as a weapon to attack the target of nodes of all shapes.Tai Beat Shooter Mod

Various Guns

Beat Shooter Mod is built with a part of the shooting genre. The developer is also quite focused on this. When the game not only has a single type but has dozens of models, spoiled for players to choose from. Search to create your own collection of guns. Initially, you will have a default gun available to challenge. Everyone is like that, just come in and get a gift. To get more, you need to pay a fee, do the task then get the reward. All kinds of genres, such as the popular UMP45 submachine gun. Or AWM a sniper rifle, the game does not pay much attention to the damage. One bullet kills one target. The only other thing is the rate of fire as well as the drawings used for decoration. With many textures, colors are mixed quite differently.Download Beat Shooter Mod

Huge Music Store

Another very important part of Beat Shooter Mod is the music. When is what makes up the game’s challenge under multiple tracks? The game not only collects words for every song of the East such as Korea or China. But there are many very famous works in the West. Or maybe the whole world. In general, many, many genres. Typically, it can be mentioned Pop, Hip Hop or EDM, etc. with vibrant melodies. To attract many people to listen, and enjoy the feeling of relaxation in the mind. And yet, the game is constantly being updated daily. In order to count on the latest songs, players have the opportunity to show off their shooting skills on it.Game Beat Shooter Mod

Unique Backgrounds

In Beat Shooter Mod corresponding to each song will be a separate match. So there are many challenges for players to try. Accordingly, the design has also changed, in order to create something new and unique. In addition to the target as the main element, there is also the background. The game builds so many patterns. Each level will bring a whole new style. Simple words are like pictures of glowing colored lines. The complex uses effects, and motion videos to increase its attractive part. Cover photos of some popular online content were also used. Become an idea that helps developers build games.Beat Shooter Mod

With Beat Shooter Mod, players will enjoy two special features. The first is unlimited money, which provides resources for rapid growth. When can be used to buy guns, and skins of the target? It is completely possible to create a collection of items of your own. Serves to experience the challenge. Conquer shooting with many different difficulties. The second is equally important. Unlocking VIP will help players exploit all the features that the game creates. While the original version is quite limited.

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