Bee Factory Mod APK 1.33.0 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 19/11/2023
Bee Factory Mod APK 1.33.0 (Unlimited Money)
Name Idle Bee Factory Tycoon
Version v1.33.0
Size 42MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Green Panda Games


Can you imagine how bees produce honey as well as work? Bee Factory Mod is created and developed by the Green Panda Games team. Will bring the most correct view of that work. When the game is built with highly realistic simulation gameplay. Join the player will be in the role of a manager. Take decisions on everything from development, and construction to upgrade. For the purpose of creating the largest beehive, providing an abundant yield. Constantly setting new records in the output. By relying on the conditions that are available right from the start of the game. A few small bees on a tiny nest. The game is in the idle genre, so there is no need to do too much. But to create a large factory, it still needs the player’s thinking ability.

Download Bee Factory Mod – Create the Biggest Honey Factory

Bee Factory Mod is designed quite simply. Almost everything revolves around the work of making honey. Along with that is the production line. And the income is almost not shown too much. The gameplay of the game also lies in developing a lot of new nests. The game is divided into several levels with the top being the default. The output is not so much that it is simply used as a starting point. If you really want to earn a lot of money, players will have to constantly expand the scale. Unlock more new species of bees with the ability to produce honey is extremely large. Accordingly, the collection will be increased, ensuring continuous and fast output. Just like that, players join the game and just press a few buttons. Simple but very interesting, following the way a modern honey factory works.Bee Factory Mod

Various Types of Bees

Talking about the most outstanding diversity in Bee Factory Mod, we have to mention bees. When the game is designed up to more than 100 different types. Create conditions for players to freely strive to try, with the goal of owning everything. First, the default bees given will be named bees. The image is inspired by real honey bees. To get more, you need to unlock it with money or get it by completing missions. Robles the perfect combination of metallic shapes and colors, robot-shaped. Or scarabees are inspired by beetles. Although it can produce honey, if you pay attention to the color, there is almost nothing like a bee. These are just two of many species, created to take many forms.Game Bee Factory Mod

Upgrade To Increase Yield

Bee Factory Mod is built with two ways to increase the output of honey. The first is to unlock a lot of different bee species. Increase in both production capacity and scale. Because the game is designed with each type will have its own capabilities and advantages. The more coins it takes to unlock, the more ciphers will be generated in a given time. Fill the nest quickly so it can be harvested. The second upgrade on the line, thereby reducing the time of transportation and packaging. In addition to speed, there are also cells. Or honey production stats will depend on the level being upgraded. The goal is to reach the maximum level.Download Bee Factory Mod

Sound And Graphics

Bee Factory Mod is a game designed in the form of 2D graphics, extremely simple. When almost everything revolves around certain images. The same goes for production with extremely simple lines. Only bees are the main tools to continuously produce honey. And the machine is just complete with a transport tube. To talk about the details and highlights that can only be found in the construction of bees. Not only one, but extremely diverse genres, all different shapes. But in return for the capacity. Quite light, and suitable for all smartphones.Tai Bee Factory Mod

By joining Bee Factory Mod, players will receive an extremely useful feature, which is unlimited money mod. Games, it is used for a lot of work. Such as upgrades, all cost per use. Not to mention there are many levels, freely used to be able to build the largest honey production line. Or with a lot of money, players will get a great opportunity to shop. Create a collection of game-designed bees. Guaranteed output process with output up to tons.

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