Beggar Life Mod APK 6.5.14 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/01/2024
Beggar Life Mod APK 6.5.14 (Unlimited Money)
Name Beggar Life
Version v6.5.14
Size 111MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers manababa


Have you ever thought that you would become a beggar? Beggar Life Mod will show you every aspect of this industry. The game is a process of simulating a beggar. An idle, fun, and satirical job. With fun graphic design. Join the game you will transform into a beggar in the city. Your mission is to make him a rich man. Just by clicking on the screen, absolutely anything can be done. The more you click, the more coins you get. Players can also link with other professions to earn extra income. Soon to be the rich man in the city. Try to use your full strength in begging.

Download Beggar Life Mod – Idle Simulator with beggar theme

Perhaps Beggar Life Mod is the most special simulation game you have ever experienced. It’s not like the usual farm or space design games. Instead, it will offer a journey to get rich from a beggar. You are transformed into a real beggar who was abandoned by his parents as a child. Will always have to sit on the street corner, to ask for money from passersby. However, there are many surprises that you still do not know. He won’t be as poor as you think. What you can do is help him become the luckiest beggar in town.

Beggar Life Mod

Coming up from real poverty

By joining Beggar Life Mod you will transform into a poor beggar. There is an intense passion for getting rich. When passersby walk, you just need to click repeatedly to ask for money from them. After you have accumulated a certain amount of money. You can upgrade beggars to increase a certain amount of gold. This idle earning mechanism is afraid that players will find it boring. But no, it is placed in extremely interesting circumstances. Everyone wants to have a lot of money in the simplest and easiest way. Of course beggars too. He can touch luxuries you never thought of.

Game Beggar Life Mod

More than just clicking on the screen to earn money. Beggar Life Mod has many interesting things waiting for players in the back. For example, you can hire people to do part-time jobs to bring fame to the street. With that, hire artists, doctors, footballers, singers, celebrities, and more. Let them perform on stage, helping to get a large audience. From there you have even more profit in this style. This is really crazy but it makes sense when you’re in this. If you already have a lot of money in hand, it is too easy to hire people to perform.

Do the unthinkable

Beggar Life Mod for players to enter the journey to get rich interesting and strange things. Not only can you ask for money from luckier people, but you can also hire celebrities to attract the crowd. Not only that, but you can also do genuine business in many different ways. Players can buy and sell real estate to profit from big developers in the city. And don’t forget there are also works of art or large buildings and companies in the city that can also become your property. You can trade them and make big money from them.

Download Beggar Life Mod

Learn more things

Be the smartest beggar in Beggar Life Mod. When you have accumulated an excess amount, do not leave it in your account because that will not generate much money. Instead, invest your money to make more money or spend it on your favorite needs. Or maybe fly abroad richer and you can start a business from there. However, not only the activity of making money, but you can collect the cards to know more about the tragic past of the boy.

Funny and friendly cartoon design

Beggar Life Mod is designed with hand-drawn graphics to bring an unforgettable funny image to the experience. Every image in the game looks downright fun and friendly from beggars to artists, dancers, and more. Although the context is not too diverse, it still depicts the tragic story of the boy. Along with that, the effect of clicking for money on the screen is quite eye-catching, inspiring idle clicks without boredom for players.

Ear Beggar Life Mod

Beggar Life Mod is a simulation game. Mix a little adventure of manababa maker. But the starting situation was quite poor. With the Mod feature, players have a lot of things. Now there is no need to worry about money problems anymore. Hire all the celebrities to advertise for you. Money can be used to invest in real estate. Or buy works of art without thinking. There is much more waiting ahead. Let’s join and discover this Beggar Life game

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