Bid Wars 2 MOD 1.97 (Menu, Unlimited money, full gold, energy, Cars unlocked, Free shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 03/03/2024
Bid Wars 2 MOD 1.97 (Menu, Unlimited money, full gold, energy, Cars unlocked, Free shopping)
Name Bid Wars 2: Business Simulator
Latest Version v1.97
File capacity 163M
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, full gold, energy, Cars unlocked, Free shopping
Support Android 8.0
Category Simulation
Price Free at GenZVNmod
Link to get it on
Google Play
Developers By Aliens


Bid Wars 2 MOD APK with idle gameplay, bringing players into auctions. Directly compete with competitors to compete for items, and sell them to high bidders, thereby making a profit. There is an opportunity to become a trader and earn a huge fortune. The game created by the By Aliens team will help you become a true businessman. Go for high-value antiques and put them up for auction. So that those who need it, and are willing to pay the highest price, can own it. And you will have some money. To make money, open a lot of different stores, specializing in selling valuable products. Towards becoming a rich person, becoming a big boss in the industry.

Download Bid Wars 2 Mod – Auction of Valuable Item

Participating in Bid Wars 2: Business Simulator will initially have basic instructions for players to get used to. Learn the basics and get to know the gameplay the game builds. Get the chance to become a rich person with the business of valuable items. Antique items, rare products with high prices, can be up to several thousand dollars. Buy from places that sell at low prices but ensure quality. Bring to stores both for display and auction, see who can pay the highest price, then sell to that person to make a profit. Or players can also become auction houses, looking for valuable items at reasonable prices. Just buy and sell, make money from the price difference to get as much money as possible. Turn yourself into a real entrepreneur, with different chain stores.

Download Bid Wars 2 Mod

Item Income

Game Bid Wars 2 Mod has a separate mechanism for players to collect items. Unique items, valuable items, and old antiques can all be found in the mysterious stalls. A place where anyone can bid to own their own items at a reasonable price. But only when the bid is successful, people can see and witness the goods being unloaded. So let’s have the most comprehensive view to properly evaluate the quality and make the right choice. Find real treasures, and sell them to get the difference in price.

Tai Bid Wars 2 Mod

Unlock Different Locations

Bid Wars 2: Business Simulator is built with a lot of different items. These are items of all styles, which can be found, or flocked in stores. But those dishes don’t just stop at any one country or culture. So to find, players will have to go through many places in the world. Beautiful places like Los Angeles, Egypt, etc. Each place will have a different point to explore, aiming to attract players, and the image is more vivid. With each place, there will be different bidders to compete with each other directly. There are people who are very good at judging to come up with a fair price.

Bid Wars 2 Mod

Building and Developing Stores

Players can not only become auctioneers, buying and selling items to make a profit. Version Bid Wars 2 Mod also creates the opportunity for players to become real bosses. With the money to be able to build up the stores from the supply chain. Gradually develop more creating a business empire, where buying and selling various rare antiques. Gradually, the reputation will be transmitted far, and more and more customers will come to exchange. Of course, risks cannot be avoided because business must always be accepted. But completely players can be careful, always trying to become the richest businessman.

Game Bid Wars 2 Mod

Bid Wars 2 Mod was created with business gameplay, buying and selling items to earn money. Bring the items you have to auction, and if appropriate, sell them. But to have something to sell, you need to go buy it, you will need capital, and always need a certain amount of money. So to meet this version is built with unlimited money features. Players can freely shop for valuable items to sell. Or you can build a lot of stores, and have a place to sell to attract a lot of buyers. Exchange items when both sides have the right price.

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