BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ Mod APK 1.21 (Immortal, No Ads)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/03/2024
BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ Mod APK 1.21 (Immortal, No Ads)
Name BLOCKAPOLYPSE™: Zombie Shooter
Version v1.21
Size 86MB
MOD Features Immortal, No Ads
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers mobadu


BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ Mod is built according to the design of the Minecraft game. With all graphics, the matter is in the form of a box. By joining the game, players will be transformed into a character. Just had a plane crash on an island. Here, humans no longer exist, everywhere is full of dangers from zombies. Created and controlled by a scientist. Need to stop immediately, players think of ways to survive and survive. Find out the hidden secrets and the truth behind them. Explore the world, and collect map pieces to meet the person who turned the island into ruins. Destroy the samples to prevent the virus from continuing to spread. Destroy the evil scientist so that places other than the island do not suffer more calamities.

Download BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ Mod – Fight To Survive On Dangerous Zombie Island

BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ Mod puts you on an island with danger always waiting. The zombie species has been dispersed and spread everywhere. Only standing and fighting is the only way to maintain life. At the same time find a way to escape, preventing things from developing further. In the game, find yourself items, and give priority to weapons. The game is designed a lot, spread throughout the map. Having enough equipment to protect life will be guaranteed. When in danger from an attack there is also an opportunity to fight back. Especially from extremely dangerous undead objects. Players need to carefully find themselves the appropriate annotations. At night, this is a time of intense zombie activity. Be ready to fight at all times, there will be many unexpected cases.


Vehicle System

In the whole BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ Mod game everywhere is dangerous. Because of the appearance of zombies a lot, especially at night. It can be said that almost every place has its existence. It is really dangerous when moving can affect your life. So for players to be able to move easily, and quickly to many different locations. The game was created with a lot of different vehicles. Like pickup trucks, specialized vehicles in the military. All cars are heavily armored and almost any attack from the outside is difficult to influence.


Intuitive Controls

BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ Mod is designed with the desire to create the easiest conditions for players to grasp. All functions when entering the game will be displayed on the screen. By icons corresponding to certain uses. The largest image with two vertical dashes is used to pause the game. In the middle of the screen above will show the character’s blood. Can easily be tracked and know how to avoid, should flee, or fight. There are many more, just clicking once can definitely know more. Or the control is located at the bottom with the buttons used to move on the left. The direction of the arrow is also the direction the character will follow. On the right are the buttons to attack, and switch weapons as well as vehicles. The developer creates the most convenient system for players to experience.


Character Appearance

In BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ Mod, the player can completely change the appearance of the character. With a variety of costumes designed in the game. Full range of styles and designs, cool with full body fins also available. Specialized types used to prevent poison or prevent viruses from entering the body are normal. There are sets that when worn even make the character become like a bandit. With open-breasted tops, torn pants, headbands, etc. also really exist in the game. Not to mention there are many types of normal clothes. Free for players to search, try on, and experience. Make your avatar in the game special.


BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ Mod is a reworked version, greatly improved with some additional features. Typical among them is immortality and no advertising. Really extremely useful, with immortality in the survival game, then the player has nothing to worry about. When unaffected, completing quests and exploring the game will become extremely easy. No longer have to worry about attacks from zombies, the main cause of loss of life. No ads too, players will no longer be bothered. Especially during the intense battle, from now on, there will be no spam messages that make you lose interest in playing

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