Download Bloons TD 5 Mod APK 4.2 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 26/10/2023
Bloons TD 5 Mod APK 4.2 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)
Name Bloons TD 5
Version v4.2
Size 103MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Support Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers ninja kiwi


Bloons TD 5 Mod is created and developed by the kiwi ninja team. With a unique design. The game promises to give participants a new look at the tower defense game. When building challenges, create levels for players to experience and express themselves. About the battle of monkey warriors with colorful balloons. They are a direct threat to the forest, home to many species of creatures. Everything will really end when the balloons pass, so it is necessary to stop and destroy them immediately. The player is the hope, participating in the game to help the monkeys resist the invasion. By thinking to arrange the appropriate attacks on the path of the ball. To destroy them all.

Download Bloons TD 5 Mod – Build Specific Strategies To Stop All Attacks

The peace was broken by dangerous balloons that kept appearing and attacking, everything was at stake. Unable to sit still like that, the monkeys decided to stand up to fight. But it takes a commander, join Bloons TD 5 Mod now to become a helper. The player will become a commander with full decision-making authority. With a single purpose, making the monkey army have strategies to fight. Help to achieve victory, protect to forget home. The first under attack. Players need to see the direction of movement and the path that the balls are forced to go through. From there, find the right places to deploy troops. Depending on the ability that the spells have, use them to attack. As long as the ball is within range, it will not stop doing damage. Directly causes all to be destroyed until the last fruit. Complete the guarantee of habitat for the monkeys.Tai Bloons TD 5 Mod

Challenging Level

The balloons don’t just strike once. Bloons TD 5 Mod creates a lot of waves, forming different levels for players to try. At first, it was just small battles. But later on, the attack will become more and more fierce. Not only are they faster in speed, but they are also harder to destroy. The number is also close to needing to discuss, proportional to the level. Also gradually the balloons won’t attack in the same way anymore. There are two or three lanes that attack at the same time. Create increasingly higher difficulty, so that players must constantly develop a stronger army to fight.Bloons TD 5 mod

Tower, Attack Weapon

Bloons TD 5 Mod has up to twenty-one towers that are a force that can deal great damage, so it flies. With great attack speed and wide range. As the main weapon of the whole battle, if used in the right place, it will create great benefits. In addition, the game also creates ten other armies, all of which are excellent monkey warriors. They are equipped with all kinds of weapons. Using bows and arrows, large artillery shells, submachine guns, or even magicians that shoot lightning is also a part. Each type has its own capabilities and purposes. The important thing is in the player, just know how to use it. See where it is appropriate to arrange and place these offensive weapons. When combined together, it will certainly prevent all attacks of the balloon corps. Don’t miss even a single target.Game Bloons TD 5 Mod

Increased Defense

Increasing the Winding Ability in Bloons TD 5 Mod has two ways. One is to continuously earn money to increase towers or special agents to attack. A large number will certainly ensure easy destruction of the balloons. But each expensive project needs a certain area and is also very expensive. So instead of increasing the quantity, it is possible to increase the quality. When each attack weapon can be upgraded to increase damage. Just holding will bring up a table of features. The amount to lose will be less, but it is still easy to destroy the target.Download Bloons TD 5 Mod

Bloons TD 5 Mod is designed to add two extremely useful features that are unlocked mods and unlimited money. With the desire to help players do not need to spend effort and time. But when you go to the game, you still have money to spend and shop comfortably. Each match can be continuously upgraded or built with more towers for an attack. Money is no longer a barrier to increasing both quantity and quality. In addition, with unlocking, players can also quickly unlock weapons, monkey warriors, weapon towers, etc. Making each challenge easy. When ensuring the minimum conditions for the means of attack.

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