Download Bloons TD Battles MOD APK 7.10.0 (Unlimited Medallions) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 26/10/2023
Bloons TD Battles MOD APK 7.10.0 (Unlimited Medallions)
Name Bloons TD Battles
Version v6.18.2
Size 99MB
MOD Features Unlimited Medallions
Support Android 4.4+
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers ninja kiwi


Bloons TD Battles Mod is an exciting strategy game. So right from the launch, it received a warm welcome from many people. Participating in the game, the player will accompany the monkeys to protect the fortress. Balloons are a pretty fragile thing that breaks easily and is completely harmless. But when you step in here, it becomes the enemy that you have to face it. The mission is to protect the fortress and shoot down all the balloons that are trying to get close. It sounds very easy but is actually very difficult. Because the number of balloons is too large. The sky is full of colorful balloons. Need to become a commander, with creative thinking and top-notch tactics. For the fortress, organize, and build a strategic location for the cannons, and soldiers. Use all the troops, weapons, and vehicles the game has to offer. Build a strong, well-coordinated, extremely effective squad.

Download Bloons TD Battles MOD – Arrange the Monkey Army to Shoot Balloons and Defend the Citadel

The difficulty level will increase with higher levels in Bloons TD Battles Mod. On different sides, in the beginning, the balls will be scattered between 1 to 2 balls. Gradually, each level will pull from many different directions. With a higher number, the movement speed is faster. When you feel that your monkey army is no longer strong enough to fight and defeat the enemy. Need to be able to equip themselves with items that increase attack and defense. The upgrade will also make the monkeys much stronger. Use support items in each game such as bombs, mines, boosters, slows… These items are sold in the shop. Do everything to prevent them from flying towards the fortress, you will win.Bloons TD Battles Mod

Characters and combat weapons

The character system in Bloons TD Battles Mod is very diverse for players to freely choose. Famous names such as Dart Monkey, Glue Gunner, and Cobra … These characters all leave effects that attract the player’s attention every time they shoot and explode. The monkeys supporting you are the pets of the circus people. Coming to the games released by Ninja Kiwi Game Editor has made the monkeys very special. There are more combat possibilities. In addition to the monkeys, there is the help and support of other modern combat weapons to shoot and explode the Bloons TD Battles Mod

Destroy Balloons

Not only requires tactical layout skills and battle formations from players. Which when participating in Bloons TD Battles Mod. You must also have standard shooting skills. There are times when the balloons only fly one by one but at a very fast speed. If you do not hit, you may lose experience points. The starting point is also swapped from different locations. Each level will have its own starting point. If you read the starting point of each stage carefully before joining, there will be an easier time to kill. Arrange the troops on the map according to the trajectory of the balloons. Combine with time bombs when incoming balloons explode.Bloons TD Battles Mod game

Game mode

Bloons TD Battles Mod gives players relaxing moments with modes. Includes: Attack, Battle Arena, and Defense. Each mode gives players a challenge, a unique experience. Whether in any mode, to defeat the opponent needs many elements to form. The game requires a specific strategy and battle plan. The difficulty level also increases gradually depending on the level of the game. There are stages where only a certain number of weapons can be used. Troops will also be limited to locations on the map. Weapon upgrades are provided by the system. Add more powerful monkeys, and increase their attack and defense stats.Ear Bloons TD Battles Mod

Join the mischievous monkeys to protect the fortress from dangerous balloons. Prove your ability to dominate your monkey army in Bloons TD Battles Mod. Strategy varies depending on the game. Shoot down all the balloons that appear and make them explode. Along with the Mod feature. Now players can freely upgrade the monkey and their weapons. To increase combat power, bring a glorious victory.

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