Download Bloop Go! MOD APK 1.2.4 (Unlimited Money, Diamond) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 24/12/2023
Bloop Go! MOD APK 1.2.4 (Unlimited Money, Diamond)
Name Bloop Go
Version v1.2.4
Size 41MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Diamonds
Support Android 4.1
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers Bloop Games


Bloop Go is an extremely famous game with interesting racing gameplay. Here, bring dramatic terrain races. Your only goal here is to finish first and get exciting prizes. It sounds simple, but when participating players will encounter a lot of difficulties. To reach the destination, you have to go through a long and dangerous journey. The obstacles and the pursuit of many opponents online. In addition, it takes a smart strategy to jump, jump, roll, smash and destroy your opponent. The odds of winning are slim, so show your agility and cunning to win.

Download Bloop Go! Mod – Off-road Race with a Ball

Off-road racing has been transformed into a super exciting new gameplay in Bloop Go hack. Get rid of big bulky cars. Instead, there are balls with extremely new shapes. Your task is to roll, jump and do everything to reach the finish line in the race. Includes you and 3 other opponents. It was a super fun but challenging race. Players can use different characters. Each ball has its own unique ability. Therefore, every race is unpredictable, but there is only one first place. That means you have very little chance of getting that spot. High competition and frantic control will keep you entertained after tiring days.

Bloop Go! Mod

Challenge players

There are no modes in game Bloop Go like racing games of the same type. Just open the game and click “Start” to join the race in no time. Each player participating in the race will be selected at random. But at most 1 out of 4 candidates for the championship. You and other players start from the same position and run the same distance. But depending on the strategy you can land at any distance. The element of luck is also a part of every player’s victory. But the most important is still the ability. This shows in the way you move and use the unique moves of the character. On the track, all you have to do is click on the screen to control your “runner”. If you want to use a skill, just click on the character’s corresponding skill card on the screen.

Game Bloop Go! Mod

Every character in Bloop Go Mod has a maximum of 3 skills and they are not the same. This is the factor that creates many different tactics in multiplayer races. So to win, it is necessary to get good tips. First, try to avoid obstacles like spider webs and fruits, bombs, rocks, and strange creatures along the way. In addition, the acceleration and tornado icons must be used to improve the speed. Use the skills of smashing, bombing, jumping, and spinning, … To gain an advantage and defeat the enemy. If you are swallowed by a creature on the ground, wait patiently for a while before respawning and returning to the path.

Unlock a series of characters with cool skins

Hack Bloop Go offers a series of extremely interesting characters with unique abilities for you to choose from. Can name typical characters such as Soccer – A real ball with the ability to jump high and fierce like a rocket. Rabbit – A stocky rabbit with the ability to jump and accelerate. Building: A cute minion with the ability to bomb and create floating bubbles Ruy: Karate fighter with blind bombing skills Kenny: Inspired by the appearance of Son Goku. And of course, you will find many other unique characters in the game. As you can see, each character has a unique look and ability. Therefore, you need to learn about them and find a way to use those skills on the line. Don’t miss your chance to beat your friends online with unique moves.

ear Bloop Go! Mod

Diverse and colorful backgrounds

The track of game Bloop Go always have a lot of flashy effects. Especially the balls have an interesting interface. This gives players a feeling of closeness and empathy when experiencing the game. The track changes flexibly through each level and takes you through the cactus-filled deserts. Vast ocean with much marine life, green forests, dreamy beaches, and more.

download Bloop Go! Mod

It’s time to challenge your friends to climb the leaderboards in Bloop Go Mods. Show off your moves and use skill strategy. To conquer the crazy off-road tracks. You will make your opponent admire your talent. With each match taking place, it brings a certain number of points. Collect from round to round to achieve the highest score and stay at the top of the leaderboard.

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