Bowmasters MOD 6.0.11 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Characters, Immortal, OneHit, Premium)

By MinhDuc - New update 22/05/2024
Bowmasters MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Characters, Immortal, OneHit, Premium)
Name Bowmasters
Version v6.0.11
Size 119M
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Characters, Immortal, OneHit, Premium
Support Android 4.1+
Category Action
Price Free


Inspired by quite famous games like Angry Birds or DDTank, has developed and released Bowmasters. This game is free to download on both the Google Play store and the Appstore. This makes it easy for players to reach. If you want to become a good shooter, why not try to learn about this game. Is a coordinate shooting game, turn-by-turn and fair to all players. This coordinate shooting game is usually easy to play, less stressful than FPS shooting games.

Bowmasters is a game aimed at entertainment, helping you reduce stress after a tiring working day. The character’s appearance will change if hit by an arrow, like a wounded soldier. It will make you laugh because it’s so cute. With sharp but unique graphics, in the direction of funny animation to reduce violence. The game will help you have interesting experiences when transforming into many diverse characters. About 41 characters with different weapons and looks. Right now choose the opponent you want and take them down.

Download Bowmasters Mod – Join exciting coordinate gun battles

Bowmasters has a fairly simple operating mechanism. Simply tap the screen, swipe in the opposite direction, and then release. Let your character shoot an arrow to destroy the enemy ahead. Although the mechanics are simple, don’t think you can play it easily. The game requires you to make a reasonable calculation of the angle of the shot and the distance, in order to determine the force of the shot. The game will take place in turn, if you are not careful, it will be easy for the opponent to have the opportunity to finish you. So be careful and calculate carefully.

Download Bowmasters Mod

Some people think that game Bowmasters is a bit boring because it is too simple. In general, shooting coordinates is not a new game genre. But Bowmasters still knows how to surprise players with a lot of special features. There is an increasing difficulty according to the character’s level, through each level, you will surely be attracted and feel more and more interesting. Each match takes place in a short time, only 1 to 2 minutes. You can enjoy playing with friends and relatives in that short time. That will help you connect more with people. In addition, it also helps you reduce stress after a long tiring day at work. And improve your ability to calculate and align your distance.

Diverse game modes

Bowmasters Mod impresses players because there are many diverse modes, spoiled for choice:

Play against the machine: This is the first mode you try when starting the game. Here you will fight and need to win random computer characters.
Play online PvP: You will play the game online. As a person-to-person game mode, you can challenge your friends and invite them to join, to test who is the best sniper.
Bird Hunting: This is the mode for a chance to earn many rewards. The main target is the birds and weapons will be changed randomly.
Tournaments: Help players earn great rewards after winning the computer’s target while still alive. But this mode only opens when you reach level 20.

The game will not have a time limit so you don’t need to stress. Learn from experience and find the coordinates that deal the highest damage to defeat the opponent.

Tải Bowmasters Mod

Character and weapon system

One of the interesting things about version Bowmasters is that you can unlock a lot of famous characters. As in comics, animation One Disney or Cartoon Network. Each character is completely different in image and has very own weapon. You will not be able to choose your favorite weapon like most other games. This is also a feature of this game. For example, Thor uses the legendary hammer of the thunder god. Neko will use Kunai, or the Ice Lord will use the Frozen Spear weapon. In addition, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your character. The game will give you a chance to catch Dart Gorsky, Lol Vein, Bad Girl…

Game Bowmasters Mod

Funny, bright, colorful graphics

Game Bowmasters Mod is famous for its colorful game. The graphics are quite bright, making the game less stressful when participating. In addition, the image in the game is cartoonish, so it will also reduce the violence. The characters in the game are designed on quite lovely and eye-catching 2D graphics. So the injuries when you inflict on the opponent, such as bleeding, arrows stuck in the body are also not. When you enter the game every day you will get some free rewards. When opening chests or after each match you will often encounter ads. This is a source of quite a large amount of coins every day. Also you can get diamonds, with different values. Working hard to take attendance will give you the opportunity to receive valuable items for free.

The game offers intense turn-based combat. This will be a perfect game version for you to have extremely interesting experiences about shooting coordinates. Download Bowmasters and choose the character and weapon you want. Destroy your opponents before they have a chance to do the same to you.

HOT feature in the game Bowmasters Mod

  • 41 immortal materials from all sizes for absolutely free
  • 41 different weapons for total mayhem who perish with swaying doll physics
  • Join your friends and show off your skills
  • Various game modes.
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