Boxing Star MOD 5.6.0 (Menu, Unlimited money, gold)

By MinhDuc - New update 27/02/2024
Boxing Star MOD 5.6.0 (Menu, Unlimited money, gold)
Name Boxing Star
Version v5.6.0
Size 250MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, gold
Support Android 4.4
Category Sport
Price Free
Developers FourThirtyThree Inc.


Boxing Star is a fighting entertainment game that gives you a lot of emotions when participating. The sport of Boxing in real life is a sport that emphasizes strength and agility. Show arrogance and attempt to knock your opponents down on the court. A genre second only to the top sports king in western countries. Now we can experience the game right on our mobile device. Become a real boxer, immerse yourself in the vibrant scene of the audience around the ring. Your task will be to defeat the opponent in your own way. Attack and defend, get in and out in a reasonable way to be able to confront stronger boxers.

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Just like the game Real Boxing 2, Boxing Star hack is a 1 vs 1 fighting game. You and another opponent will compete in the arena with a fixed area, surrounded by ropes. Two opponents will only be able to use their hands to deal damage to each other. Boxers will use boxing gloves to compete, the symbol of this boxing sport. You will perform your skills with the buttons that appear on the phone screen. Along with swipes to launch precise attacks that deal high damage. Each side will have a stat bar with an equal amount of health %. When you or the enemy hit correctly, this stat bar will be reduced by a certain amount. Win by dragging the opponent’s stat bar to nothing.

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Interesting Features

Game Boxing Star is a role-playing game that will give you the most dramatic emotions when participating. You will fight with a first-person perspective, giving you the feeling of being immersed in a real battle. Each button on the phone screen will perform different moves. Combine those moves to create the most damaging attacks. The strength of the character will also depend on the equipment you own. Earn money and upgrade continuously to be able to face increasingly difficult opponents. The later battle will be much more difficult when the opponents are becoming very strong.

Boxing Star Mod

Various Equipment

Boxing Star Mod has a lot of equipment for you to create your own unique style. You can also shape your fighter, from hair, skin color, face, or many other things. That seems to give you an invisible source of power and more enjoyment in gaming. Buy equipment such as clothes, gloves, or other upgrades with in-game currency. Earn money by completing assigned tasks and winning matches. If you want good and beautiful equipment, you will need to accumulate a certain amount of money.

Game Boxing Star Mod

Graphics And Sound Of The Game

Graphics in ver hack Boxing Star are made very beautifully, giving you moments of great experience. Bring in a set of 3D graphics, with smooth gesture operations. The colors in the game are also made vibrant and eye-catching. Increases your feeling of excitement at the start of each battle. Details in the game are made with enough detail but are very suitable for the style of the game. The game’s sound system also does a good job of creating a lot of different effects. The sound of the blow and the sound of collision with the enemy will stimulate your gaming spirit more. The surrounding audience cheering also made the game more exciting.

Tai Boxing Star Mod

Game Boxing Star is a version that gives you a lot of interesting features to join. Owning an unlimited amount of money is what you get when you download this version. The price of expensive and beautiful equipment always makes you wonder. Now you will own everything without thinking. No need to try to accumulate money over time to be able to own the items you love. When you get the best items and the ultimate upgrade. The game will become easier and more fun with each match you go through. Features that you cannot miss when downloading this version of the game. What are you waiting for without downloading and joining the game right away.

The best point in the game Boxing Star Mod

  • Watch your fighter grow from an amateur fighter to a Boxing Star in Story Mode.
  • Gear up, hone your Continuity Skills, and take down your opponents with a Mega Punch
  • Collect and equip the Gauntlet of Power to unlock the furious Mega punch.
  • Find the best combinations for your Skill Sets and Item to suit your fighting style.
  • Battle other players in Tournaments, as well as advance in Leagues and Leaderboards.
  • Win trophies and cash to buy Beautiful Houses, luxury cars and Entourage. All of which will make your friends jealous, while also bringing you rewards.
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