Braveland Heroes Mod APK 1.77.20 (Unlimited Money)

By NAM OK - Latest update: 07/10/2023
Braveland Heroes Mod APK 1.77.20 (Unlimited Money)
Name Braveland Heroes
Version 1.77.20
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 95.36 MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Strategy
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Tortuga Team


With the previous Braveland series of Tortuga Team publisher, players will have to pay a certain fee to experience. But coming to the Braveland Heroes Mod version, players will be able to participate completely for free. Exciting things are waiting for you ahead. Players will participate in dangerous royal missions. Where the scepter has been lost to fearsome thieves, they are plotting to take over the kingdom. As a talented person, you need to fulfill your responsibilities. Stand out and hunt down those thieves. Become the savior of the kingdom.

Download Braveland Heroes Mod – Defeat thieves to regain the treasure

Braveland Heroes Mod’s map is like a chessboard, divided into hexagonal tiles. Maybe that’s why people call it the Hexagonal Battlefield. With turn-based gameplay, you can move heroes across the battlefield by checking their position when it’s your turn. Evolve your hero, find amazing artifacts and learn battle magic. You will be inspired to embark on dangerous adventures. Your tactical and magical abilities will be maximized. Command soldiers and defeat the evilest bandits. Your army will be joined by the most skilled warriors, including archers, knights, skeletons, and animals.Braveland Heroes Mod

Fight with thieves

Coming to Braveland Heroes Mod, you not only have to go through a lot of difficult places to get the royal items back, but you also have to fight the villains who stole those items. Be it ghosts, mysterious nomads, or dangerous pirates. They are troubles that you must face before you reach the place where the precious scepter is located. Be prepared mentally to be able to overcome the challenges. Not only pirates or nomads, but you also have to face the mysterious gangster boss behind the disappearance of the precious scepter. This boss is very cunning and has powerful magic. So you need to be as careful as possible. Overcome the tycoon to reclaim the national treasure.Braveland Heroes Mod

Hero Recruit

You will no longer be alone on your journey to find the treasure of the kingdom. There are many characters in Braveland Heroes Mod that will accompany you. Those are heroes possessing powerful magic. Gather them, and combine the power of these characters to defeat the hateful boss. Form an army with many allies such as archers, priests, demons, beasts, knights, etc. Will help you overcome all difficulties. Your task is to form a powerful army with many special characters. Command and come up with smart strategies to be able to destroy the ferocious bandits. From the very beginning, you will be able to choose a character to accompany you. Over time will gather more heroes to show their calling and talent.

Exciting events

Braveland Heroes Mod is not only a battle or a treasure hunt, but also has many other events for you to participate in. During the event, there will be many attractive rewards for you to use in battles. Like power, magic, etc. Use them appropriately to maximize their features. Can’t resist the attraction that the game brings, taking players from surprise to surprise with daily innovations. The player needs to find the scepter of the country. The king of this country will reward you handsomely. Don’t miss this chance to become a hero and give your best with the assigned task.Download Braveland Heroes Mod

Graphics and sound

Fresh graphics, fun music. With limited financial and human resources. If showing Braveland Heroes Mod in a detailed realistic style is too expensive. Tortuga Team has wisely chosen for themselves a gentle 2D graphic style, with bright colors and simple cartoon character creation. Therefore, although they are just simple drawings, players still do not feel that the world of the game is sketchy or sloppy. The sound is also a plus point even though there are not many tracks. But each song very well shows a heroic aura combined with realistic sound effects when fighting. Give players a fun and engaging Braveland Heroes Mod

In short, Braveland Heroes Mod is a very interesting game. From form to gameplay. Engraved into the user’s mind every time they experience it. Along with the classic style but not boring. Combining online and offline game modes, you can fully experience the game anytime, anywhere. Engage in battles to reclaim the scepter. Become the outstanding hero of the country.

Download Braveland Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2023

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