Bridge Race Mod 3.46 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 06/03/2024
Bridge Race Mod 3.46 (Unlimited Money)
Name Bridge Race
Version v3.46
Size 160MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Supersonic Studios LTD


You’re looking for a game that’s easy and fun. Bridge Race Mod will be an extremely suitable choice. Since its launch, the game has received a lot of support from people around the world. Become the most worth-playing game this year. Join, and you will be competing with many other players in the arena. The goal is to collect as many materials as possible. From there, build a bridge to reach the finish line as soon as possible. Win and receive millions of valuable gifts and rare items. During bridge construction, it is necessary to compete with many other players. Requires meticulous and careful observation, so that not a single mistake occurs. Move fast so no one can overtake you.

Download Bridge Race Mod – Build Bridges To Finish The Fastest Way

With extremely simple and fun gameplay. Bridge Race Mod is accidentally the most controversial game. Controls have been simplified, just swipe and build a bridge. In particular, there are more than 1000 levels here and each level is a difficult battle for players. It can be seen that competition is the driving force that creates victory. The game also has a leaderboard so you can see your achievements there. The elephant promotion rewards are also great. Including stars, bonuses,… From there, you can accumulate money to unlock your favorite modern skins. Create prominence in the arena, making the opponents always wish to own.Bridge Race Mod

Collect building materials

It can be said that construction materials in Bridge Race Mod are extremely important. It is an important factor in finishing competitions. At each level, there will be from 2 to 3 people competing against each other. Each player will represent a certain color. Go through different paths to reach the finish line as soon as possible. To go through the roads, it is necessary to make tiles of the same color. Therefore, the task is to collect as many bricks as possible. Build the fastest bridge to the finish line and win. However, only collect tiles according to your color. Or you can go and steal the opponent’s bricks in some special cases.Bridge Race Mod

It can be seen in the Bridge Race Mod which requires the player’s agility. You need to move to collect items, and build bridges quickly, in pursuit of others. This inadvertently creates a fierce race at each level. Every match brings joy and laughter. Winning or losing doesn’t matter. When players are socialized, make friends with many other players. Along with that, there are many gifts waiting for you to discover.

Some good tips

Although the gameplay of Bridge Race Mod is extremely easy. But it is essential to learn more good tips to have a fun race. Including collisions with other players. Move quickly to knock your opponent out. That will cause them to lose all tiles and have to collect them from the beginning. The player will get an advantage from that, but in some cases will be knocked over by the opponent and the loser is himself. Next can go up someone else’s bridge. While the opponent is busy with collecting, take advantage of the opportunity to cross their bridge. That can shorten the time and get to the finish line faster.Bridge Race Mod

Using additional items is also a trick in Bridge Race Mod to help players reach the finish line faster. Pick up useful items on the map. Includes coins to help run faster or items to freeze enemies. Make them stand still for a certain amount of time.

Unlock the costumes

With large and small rewards earned through rounds in Bridge Race Mod. You can unlock a lot of unique suits. First, there will be a new suit for the character. After that, you can freely change the color of your bricks. The game offers more than 30 color blocks and a lot of new costumes. Therefore, do not hesitate to unlock yourself with the most colorful clothes. In addition, the game also has many maps with different scenes. From there, will open many different scenes in the match.Download Bridge Race Mod

The heat of Bridge Race Mod is undeniable. Because the game is designed with sharp 3D graphics. Everything looks pretty simple, but it’s colorful. Shield the surrounding background becomes brighter. Moreover, the character image is meticulously designed. Create highlights for intense battles. Along with fun music, the game promises to bring more relaxing experiences than ever.

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