Bubble Pop Origin MOD 24.0530.00 (Auto win, Full unlimited money, Remove ads)

By MinhDuc - New update 31/05/2024
Bubble Pop Origin MOD {{version}} (Auto win, Full unlimited money, Remove ads)
Name Bubble Pop Origin
Version v24.0530.00
Size 48MB
MOD Features Auto win, Full unlimited money, Remove ads
Support Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers BitMango


Experience exciting balloon shooting and destruction with the game Bubble Pop Origin MOD APK. Pop lots of balloons in the mysterious cave to discover the valuable treasure hidden behind. This is a puzzle game developed by BitMango. You can completely experience it in offline mode. It is also possible to play online to make in-game purchases. Although you can experience it for free as soon as you download it to your device. But during the game, a few items need to be paid to be used. At the same time, there will be ads inserted. But it won’t affect your adventure too much. You can also actively watch ads to receive a few additional items for free.

Download Bubble Pop Origin Mod – Bubble Shooter Style Puzzle Game

Like other puzzle games. Bubble Pop Origin!  There is a clear mission system for each level of play. Thousands of levels are provided and more are still being developed. The difficulty level will also have many levels, arranged from easy to difficult. Encourage players to use their intelligence. Taking you through different levels of emotions while experiencing. Your mission is very simple. Just use the balloon gun to destroy all the balloons on the screen. Your challenge is to beat the score required for that level of play.

When you complete the challenge you will receive a reward. That reward can be a support item used for the next level. At the same time, your achievements are expressed through the number of stars. The higher your achievement score, the more stars you will gain, up to a maximum of 3 stars in each level. Levels will gradually increase in difficulty. Requires higher achievements, also has more difficult challenges.

Tai Bubble Pop Origin Mod

The process of shooting the ball

The gameplay of Bubble Pop Origin Mod is in the style of shooting balloons. Set in a mysterious dark cave. Colorful balloons are arranged in many shapes on the screen. Includes: blue, green, red, orange, yellow, purple. Is a game for all ages. The way to play is also very easy. You just need to distinguish the colors, control the shooting direction of the ball gun, press the shoot button.

Your task now is to shoot balls into clusters of balls of the same color. Destroy it or make it fall. Each burst balloon corresponds to a certain number of points. At least 3 balls of the same color can be combined to cause an explosion. If it’s less than 3, your ball will be pinned up with the ball on the screen. Increases the amount of balls to destroy, making it difficult for you to complete the challenge. Normally you can only destroy 3 to 4 balls at the same time. But sometimes there are still cases where you can shoot down a whole cluster or a chain of related balls.

game Bubble Pop Origin Mod

Support features

While experiencing the game Bubble Pop Origin! You will get feature support. Before shooting the ball, there will be a straight line. This line helps players know the path of the ball. From there, it’s easy to hit the target, helping you easily and quickly overcome challenges. Because the game has multiple game modes, you won’t be able to find the same challenge across levels. The way the ball is arranged is different, there are many positions where the straight line will not be able to be shot. At this point you need to take advantage of the borders on both sides of the screen. Shoot at that line, the ball will bounce back. From there, it helps bring the ball to many positions, to every corner.

download Bubble Pop Origin Mod

Special items

With many game modes, different maps and challenges. Bubble Pop Origin Mod version has very difficult challenges. To overcome, you need to use special items to support. These items include: boosters, bombs. Each type will have a certain outstanding effect. For example, a bomb will create a large explosion. Helps destroy a large number of balloons within a certain range. The booster will shoot straight through, destroying balloons on the path it passes through. However, their number is very limited. Should only be used when absolutely necessary and should be considered. Additionally, when you enter the game every day, you will receive a login reward. That reward can be gold coins or special items.

Bubble Pop Origin Mod

Bubble Pop Origin Mod is equipped with beautiful graphics. Game colors and lighting are diverse. The balloon explosion effect and sound are reproduced realistically and funny. The dark cave space combined with the colorful colors of the balloons creates a contrasting effect. Taking you on an exciting and colorful adventure journey. Promises to help you relieve stress and fatigue when experiencing the game.

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