Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK 4.0.4 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Fuel, Custom Vehicles, Rewards, No Ads)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 03/12/2023
Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK 4.0.4 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Fuel, Custom Vehicles, Rewards, No Ads)
Name Bus Simulator Indonesia
Version 4.0.4
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Fuel, Custom Vehicles, Rewards, No Ads
Size 790MB
Requires Android 4.2+
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Maleo


Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK (also known as BusSID) will give you the experience of driving a bus in a country known as the land of thousands of islands. BUSSID may not be the first bus driving simulation game. But it is one of the most feature-packed bus simulator games. And is the most popular in Indonesia because it has the most detailed and realistic environment. You will play the role of a bus driver, picking up passengers and going everywhere. Experience the fun of traveling on very long coastal roads. Admire the beautiful scenery of many different seas, because this is an intercontinental island nation. With more than 17,000 large and small islands, and surrounded by the sea.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod – Bus driving game on the streets of Indonesia

This is a very successful game from publisher Maleo with more than 100 million downloads on Google Play. It’s quite easy to understand because the game Bus Simulator Indonesia has beautiful graphics. Along with many attractive features integrated into this game. And a detailed, realistic map system about the landscape of the beautiful country of Indonesia. A vast worldview about the country of Indonesia but packaged right on your phone. A series of interesting things are waiting for you to discover. The game’s simple and quite intuitive control system will also attract you. Fully integrated with the functions of a real bus. From the starting function, steering, turn signals or rain wipers.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK

Exciting and realistic routes

Coming to Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod, you will explore all the landscapes of Indonesia. Travel everywhere in Indonesia with your own small smartphone. Because the game’s map system is very diverse, rich, detailed and realistic with roads. Every corner is simulated in the game. You can go through Kakarta International Stadium in the capital Jakarta. Or go across long bridges across the sea to connect the islands together. Or admire the beautiful scenery of the suburbs with green trees and fresh climate. Drive under the bridges connecting two mountains. The beautiful and poetic coastal roads are very long. On one side is a high mountainside, on the other side are rows of coconut trees along the coast.

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Build your cars

Game Bus Simulator Indonesia brings more than just buses. With the game’s MOD system, you can drive many different types of vehicles. For example, cargo trucks and heavy dump trucks. Or there will be small 7-seat passenger cars. The interior of the car is also very detailed. The game fully simulates the details on the steering wheel, horn position, and airbags. The entertainment screen system and other control buttons are very detailed, not missing anything. You will feel like you are sitting in a real car.
You will be even more overwhelmed with the customized bus system. Freely change paint color, front interface, horizontal interface. Customize the horn and car entertainment sound system. You can also choose many types of tires and rims for different amounts of money. Fully customize the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat. Change the color of the leather upholstery, the type of chair and the recline of the chair.

Game Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK

Rich weather system

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod has a weather system no different from reality. You will be able to drive in sunny, rainy, or stormy weather conditions. Driving a bus when it’s sunny and the road is dry is not difficult. The challenge increases when you take on missions in remote countryside. In rainy and windy weather, the road will become worse. Rainwater will make the road slippery, hindering your ability to steer. Or stormy weather is a frequent occurrence because this is a country full of islands at sea. Indonesia will suffer many large and small storms from the sea. Stormy winds will be a challenge for your steering, go very slowly to avoid danger.

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The process of driving and performing tasks

The driver’s mission in the game Bus Simulator Indonesia is to transport customers to safety. Drive on fixed routes that you have chosen. Close to where customers want to get off or get on. You will have to find a nearby bus stop to pick up and drop off passengers. Based on the length of the trip and the number of passengers you have. You will receive an amount corresponding to your merits. Or on long journeys, you need to go to the nearest gas station to refuel your car. Your driving skill is also shown by not having any problems. On the way, drive skillfully to avoid colliding with other vehicles. Because then it will slow down the customer’s journey.

Bus Simulator Indonesia hack vô hạn tiền

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod and experience the fun transportation system of the thousand-island country of Indo right away. The game is light in size and does not require too much configuration. Especially in this MOD version, it is twice as interesting. There are additional interesting features such as unlimited money. You don’t need to care about how much money you will make anymore. What you need to do is focus on driving safely. Pick up and drop off guests properly to satisfy your customers. Finally, explore the beautiful lands of Indonesia.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Fuel, Custom Vehicles, Rewards, No Ads) 2023

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