Download Bus Simulator: Original Mod APK 3.8 (Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 25/11/2023
Bus Simulator: Original Mod APK 3.8 (Unlimited Money)
Name Bus Simulator: Original
Version v3.8
Size 307MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Ovidiu Pop


Bus Simulator: Original Mod is a game in the driving simulation genre. Created and developed by the Ovidiu Pop team. This is the original version that was born quite early and can be considered one of the leading games. The game gives players the opportunity to become bus drivers. With a multitude of pick-up and drop-off tasks to take customers to their required locations. Try driving large vehicles with high difficulty. Carrying on yourself is not simply a challenge but also a responsibility. When a lot of people depend on the skill of the player. With the goal of ensuring safety when moving, bringing the most comfortable feeling for customers. The game also has no shortage of unexpected conditions, traffic is always potentially dangerous without warning. So be very careful when experiencing, sitting behind the wheel.

Download Bus Simulator: Original Mod – Challenge Yourself With Realistic Bus Driving

Bus Simulator: Original Mod is built with an extremely large map. Free for players to challenge themselves, and explore many different locations. When assigned to work as a bus driver to transport all kinds of customers. Go to the places indicated on the map to receive people. Then, according to each request, move to the place to drop off guests. Everything goes like that, all the missions will revolve around driving. But do not think that will be simple, the game is quite challenging. Designed to be full of realism. So problems that can be encountered in reality are completely possible. The game isn’t just about the player’s vehicle at work. But all of them are pre-installed with extremely complex transportation systems. Not to mention the roads that have to go through, there is no shortage of high passes and deep abysses.Bus Simulator Original Mod

Various Vehicles

Although Bus Simulator: Original Mod is designed with only one type. Those are buses, but that doesn’t mean they lose their diversity. The game still builds up to 25 units, all of the different designs. The first is the most common in the world with a single monolithic part. It can be considered relatively easy to control, although the size is a bit large. But the game also has unique ones that are more challenging. With two heads and joints, divide into two to three compartments. It is possible to carry many people at the same time but ensuring safe movement is quite difficult. Because the longer it is, the more road surface area it takes up when cornering. The game has a lot, feel free to explore and try.Game Bus Simulator Original Mod

Explore Many Places

Bus Simulator: Original Mod will bring players to see a small part of Europe. Includes many different locations. Not to mention such as Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, … all big cities. Belongs to many countries with a popularity that can be considered the best in the world. The game is filled with houses, roads, and trees that are almost identical to reality. Wishing for players to feel like really becoming a driver. As well as challenging higher levels when the traffic in these locations is extremely complicated. Due to the dense population and many people come to visit. Not only vicious each in the city but the task of moving to the suburbs also. The countryside, mountains, snow, or desert players will also have the opportunity to explore.Download Bus Simulator Original Mod


Talking about graphics, Bus Simulator: Original Mod can be considered one of the most complete games. Designed with a lot of extremely realistic images. If there is a collision as well as an accident. The player can completely see scratches as well as damage to the car. Or talk about the interior of a bus. With a first-person perspective, the entire control can be seen. With all sorts of buttons and indicator lights, the steering wheel spins when changing directions. Not only that, but the weather can also vary by location. Such as snowfall, rain, and sunshine. All want to bring the most realistic possible impact to the player.Tai Bus Simulator original mod

Bus Simulator: Original Mod game is designed with a very special feature. With unlimited money, the mod will help players in many things. Can own the best buses to perform the task. Challenge yourself more with each category. Although I know that the cost will be very expensive, compared to the amount of money you can own, it is not worth it. It’s even possible to go to the store to buy all kinds of things. The new version is almost unlimited, feel free to explore. Aim to create the best conditions for players to experience, and become a bus driver.

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