Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK 2.1.4 (Menu, Unlimited money gold, free shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/09/2023
Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK 2.1.4 (Menu, Unlimited money gold, free shopping)
Name Bus Simulator Ultimate
Version v2.1.4
Size 68MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0+
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Zuuks Games


Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK is a brand new bus driving simulation game. From the publisher Zuuks with a lot of driving simulation games. The purpose is to help more people understand more about the bus driver profession. Transform into a talented bus driver. With a natural aptitude for the passenger transport business, you will establish new routes. Buy more luxury buses and hire staff to drive you. You must obey traffic rules and drive safely to receive a positive feedback from the passenger system. Build trust and brand to become the world’s largest passenger transport corporation/company.

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Download Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod – Play as a passenger bus driver

Surely you have been on a bus, a long-distance coach, and it feels really Yomost for those who suffer from motion sickness. But you are the driver of that car, not everyone can do it. Because the bus is large in length and the steering wheel will be out of sight. So aside from the fact that very few people can control it. Even though you know that, you still want to try? Download Bus Simulator Ultimate hack to drive and experience this difficult job right away. A diverse car showroom with many different bus models from small to large. From affordable cars to extremely luxurious cars, you can freely choose according to your preferences.

Download Hack Game Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK

Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod with fresh gameplay

As a bus driver, you will be able to choose the country to establish a company. You can later change to another country if you want. Choose the routes that are the cities that you will go through to do the game’s mission. Or you want to relax in the most simple and gentle way, you will not do the task anymore. But let’s drive your beloved car around the cities to see the scenery. Because the scene in the game is simulated as vividly as in real life. The task of the game is to drive along the selected route to pick up and drop off passengers according to the route. Take passengers to work and return them safely. Remember to drive carefully and obey traffic laws because you will be fined. And passengers can also comment and rate your bus service.

There are 3 ways you can control the car on the road. It is tilting left and right of the screen similar to the racing game you have ever played Asphalt 8. The second way is to use the navigation keys on the steering wheel display for the most realistic feeling, or the two-way arrow. Besides, there are other navigation keys for you to control your bus. Like the forward and reverse gearshift lever, accelerator, brake pedal or turn signal switch, wiper.

Download Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK

Bus management and driver staff

Your passenger transport company is growing stronger. Have you opened many new routes to serve customers? Surely you will have to take care of your Garage to take care of the bus. You will have to buy more cars to have enough buses running on your selected itineraries. The aim is to best serve dear passengers. Many models come from brands Tempa, Merce-Ben, Irzar, Setro .. for you to choose and buy new. The increase in the number of buses in the business means that you will have to hire more drivers. Many different Job Offers from low to high in Drivers for you to choose and balance with your business budget. Recruiting reasonable drivers with the company’s financial situation is the best way for you to balance and maintain the growth of the company.


To start playing hack Bus Simulator Ultimate, you need to register a company name. Outline the initial business strategy such as vehicle selection, route selection. Fares, operating costs, or even fast food sold on the car also need to be carefully calculated. To balance to suit the company’s initial financial situation. But do not forget that building a new brand is important, creating a reputation on each of your rides. That helps customers feel secure and completely trust you. They will choose your services more. That is a sustainable business strategy that large enterprises often aim for.

Build customer trust

You and your staff need to have a good service attitude because the customer is king. With long routes will bring greater profits. But in return, you or your staff must be highly experienced. You must be clear about the road you are about to go through and always be serious in your work. Because just 1 minute of distraction is dangerous to the lives of many passengers on the car. Peaceful highway trips made by your business, with a welcoming attitude. Will definitely be loved, appreciated by customers and spread more widely about your services. Try to bring the best interests of customers. The number of your customers from there will also gradually increase and your company will gradually be at the top of the region.

Download bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK for android

Game Bus Simulator Ultimate has detailed maps of all countries in the world. With lifelike scenery at the places you are going through. The sound effects are reproduced as real from the engine sound, the ticking turn signals, the car horn sound. Or the sound of people talking in the bustling city. Download from GooglePlay and experience it right away. Or download Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod to get unlimited money in the game. You will comfortably buy the most luxurious buses, limiting the time to plow the country. More comfortable in business without having to worry much about loss or profit.

HOT feature in the game Bus Simulator Ultimate

  • Collection of more than 13 wonderfully beautiful bus models.
  • Passengers can review and rate your service.
  • The interior on the bus is very realistic.
  • More than 250 radio stations play randomly while playing the game.
  • The highway system is diverse.
  • There is a rest area.
  • You will be able to have offices in many parts of the world.
  • The passenger system will provide social and realistic responses.
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