Bus Simulator Vietnam MOD APK 7.1.1 (Private/Free)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/09/2023
Bus Simulator Vietnam MOD APK 7.1.1 (Private/Free)
Name Bus Simulator VietNam
Version v7.1.1
Size 52MB
MOD Features Private/Free
Support Android 4.1+
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Web3o Technology


Bus Simulator Vietnam MOD APK is a bus driving simulation game released in 2018. By a Vietnamese technology company, Web3o Technology . The idea of ​​developing a bus driving simulation game is not new. Because on the market there are many games of the same genre that have become popular. Take Zuuks Games’ “Bus Simulator: Ultimate” for example. But We3o still has its own uniqueness, and the name itself speaks for itself. Bus Simulator Vietnam APK is probably developed specifically for the Vietnamese market. Because the street scene in the game is simulated like the real thing. With Vietnamese streets, alleys, shops, and signs all use the Vietnamese language. But it will be interesting for foreign gamers who have a love for Vietnam. This is an opportunity to travel and learn about the country and culture of Vietnam.

Download Bus Simulator Vietnam Mod – Driving a bus on a country road in Vietnam

Simulator Vietnam Bus aka BUSSVN. Allows you to experience the daily work of a real passenger driver in Vietnam. The map is very realistic with village roads, motorbikes running on the road. With buses that look like real life. Released for Vietnam market but not free. To be able to download and experience this game you need to pay 143,000 VND. A slightly high price for Vietnamese gamers. But you can rest assured that here has shared the free MOD APK version of this game. Download Bus Simulator Vietnam hack to your device and experience it right away.

Download Bus Simulator Vietnam Mod APK

Choose your favorite bus

It is not too difficult for you to search and choose for yourself a satisfactory bus. Because the game Bus Simulator Vietnam has a pretty rich collection of cars from paint colors and accessories. Details of the car such as lights, mirrors, and interior are all simulated lifelike. With many garage brands to choose from. These garages will probably be very familiar to Vietnamese students studying away from home. Such as Duc Dat, Hao Huong or Viet Tan Phat garage etc.

Download Bus Simulator Vietnam APK for free

The most authentic experience

After you have selected your favorite car. Is the start of departure for long trips, enjoy the feeling of real driving. The player’s task is to drive his bus to pick up and transport passengers to different locations on the map. Bus Simulator Vietnam Mod has 3 options for Map, with different roads in Vietnamese countryside. Each type of vehicle you choose will have a different control mechanism according to reality. There are also manual and automatic transmission cars, you need to pay attention when choosing. Besides, the steering mechanism could not be more real when the steering wheel is right in the center of the screen. Other control functions are also displayed visually on either side. It feels like sitting in a car and holding the steering wheel.

Download Bus Simulator Vietnam for free

Players will have to control the steering wheel to turn left, turn right. Speed ​​up or slow down, go back and forth or honk your horn when necessary… Open the car door to pick up/drop off passengers, close the car door safely before rolling. Always observe the rearview mirror to ensure the safety of passengers in the vehicle. And especially, you will also be fined if you do not obey the road traffic rules.

Graphics in the game

Version hack Bus Simulator Vietnam has a realistic and vivid 3D graphics platform. Highlight the familiar beautiful scenes of Vietnam. Besides, the bus system and the details of the car are like the real car. Houses, streets, grocery stores, trees,… all are very Vietnamese with 3D technology. Along with that, the sound simulation is also quite impressive. With the sounds of pedestrians and motorbikes running on the road. The sound of the wind, the bus engine, the noise… is pretty amazing.

Play Bus Simulator Vietnam for free

Download the game to your device from the GooglePlay app store at a cost of 143,000 VND to support the developer. And if you are a student, a student has no income but still wants to experience. Don’t worry, we have shared this game Bus Simulator Vietnam for 0 VND.

Top features of Bus Simulator Vietnam Mod

  • The most popular sleeper bus in Vietnam. Pick up passengers lying on the bus like reality.
  • Controls are easy and intuitive with 4 modes: Steering wheel, keyboard, tilt sensor.
  • Actual cities and locations in Vietnam.
  • Gear lever 2 modes: manual and automatic. Manipulating car door opening, trunk opening, engine cover, rain wipers, …
  • Changing license plates at will is very realistic and flexible. Change the weather at will: it’s rainy, it’s sunny, it’s dark.
  • High quality and detailed 3D graphics. Take pictures in the game and share on social networks.
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