Cafeland MOD 2.19.2 (Menu, Unlimited money, Full cash, Max Level, Anti ban)

By MinhDuc - New update 22/03/2024
Cafeland MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited money, Full cash, Max Level, Anti ban)
Name Cafeland
Version v2.19.2
Size 98MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, Full cash, Max Level, Anti ban
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers GAMEGOS


Cafeland is an extremely interesting coffee shop simulation game run by yourself. Playing the role of a cafe owner, you will need everything. From managing expenses to arranging all the equipment in the store. Everything is messy and the desire to get rich will be what you need to shoulder. Starting from a small shop, building up to the highest level of dining and entertainment in the city. It will not be a short time for you to enjoy the experience. The experience will help you have a more aesthetic eye. Shop and decorate your store to be brilliant. All of that has created an interesting Cafeland: World Kitchen.

Download Cafeland: Restaurant Cooking Mod – Build Your Own Cafe Shop

Becoming the owner of a cafe in game Cafeland is not an easy thing. You will need to start with business plans of your own. To be able to earn as much money and as quickly as possible. Increase the elegance and class of your store. By always shopping for new things and upgrading old ones. Old items have made your store obsolete. Upgrading your store is also a way for you to attract more customers to you. Thereby generating an abundant income. A continuous rotation is repeated in this game. You will experience many interesting things in the operation of an interesting store.

Cafeland World Kitchen Mod

Opening Stores

You will start your shop on a small scale when you first join game Cafeland Mod. The small area, as well as limited food, makes you have to improve. The first guests are the ones who will bring you a certain source of income. Hire employees in positions in the store to create the most attentive service. Turn the money into your store by learning a variety of dishes. Create a magical shimmer with colorful high-end lamps. Can not forget to prepare a sum of money to be able to expand your store. It is equally important in building the most high-end store in the city. But a certain amount of money will be needed. You need to calculate your income and expenses very carefully.

Tai Cafeland World Kitchen Mod

Various Items

In Cafeland, there will be countless pieces of equipment for you to choose from. Along with that are items of the same style. You can build your store in the style you love. Or you can mix and match several styles into one. To create an overview that makes your own store different. The elegance and beauty will attract a lot of customers to you. Gradually, it will give you a great aesthetic eye. The placement of equipment also needs to be delicate. To optimize the narrow space of the store. As well as creating a neat and beautiful look.

Game Cafeland World Kitchen Mod

Game Graphics

Version Cafeland Mod uses beautiful 3D graphics that are worth your experience. With an overhead view, you can see the overall view of your store’s activities. The details in the game are also very well done. Although the viewing angle is wide, you can still see the smallest things clearly. If you are too careful, you can see a few jagged points in the game. But that’s not too much of a concern when you join and experience. The colors in the game are also made very diverse. Bring you positive energy on a tiring day.

Download Cafeland World Kitchen Mod

You will own extremely interesting features when joining the Cafeland version. Owning an unlimited amount of money will help you a lot when playing. The items in the store are now completely available for purchase. There is no need to hesitate because of the price because your amount of money is now immeasurable. No need to struggle in the process of making money and accumulating a sufficient amount. You can create shimmer and class right from the start of the game. Expand your store to the maximum possible area. You will play the game feeling much more relaxed and easy. Favor the game Cafeland version just for you.

Exciting quests in Cafeland

  • Cook in different types of stoves and serve multiple meals throughout the day.
  • Serving customers with a variety of menus from Asian – European cuisines.
  • Freedom to create dishes according to your preferences, create many unique menus for the store.
  • Satisfy customers by always having delicious food on the counter.
  • Cook from a variety of foods, with delicious, quality seafood.
  • Create the best burgers. Make pizza more crispy than other bakeries. Prepare a zesty stew, or bake a moist chocolate cake.
  • Perform cooking using a variety of methods such as boiling, baking, frying or sautéing. To create delicious and unique products to serve customers.
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