Call of Mini™ Dino Hunter Mod APK 3.2.5 (Unlimited Money)

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Call of Mini™ Dino Hunter Mod APK 3.2.5 (Unlimited Money)
Name Call of Mini ™ Dino Hunter
Version 3.2.5
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 123MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Triniti Interactive Studios Limited


Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod facilitates players to enter the new world. An ancient forest full of mysteries, inhabited by fearsome dinosaurs. Created and developed by the team of Triniti Interactive Studios Limited. The game is mainly aimed at entertainment, aiming to bring hours of fun. Join the player will have to find a way to be able to survive. Become a skilled hunter if you want to survive the threat from giant creatures. Guns are the only weapon and opportunity that can deal damage. Just making good use of it is extremely useful in the quest to conquer the entire land. Explore every nook and cranny where the game is designed to prove itself. When the width is designed to be extremely large.

Download Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod – Explore and Conquer the Mysterious Dinosaur Land

Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod is built in 3D so it is very special. A huge open world with no beginning and no end. The place contains many giant creatures, the most dangerous dinosaurs. Ready to attack humans once detected. Only when it is possible to destroy everything will it end. Join players will be brought here to challenge themselves. Role-play as a hunter on a journey to explore and conquer the entire land. It’s certainly not easy to do. When the game creates a lot of challenges and difficult tasks that come with it. Topography is also an important issue. It is not simply flat to be able to see the danger. There are forests, caves, and abysses. If you slip your foot completely, you can lose your life, not to mention the hidden creature that also appears unexpectedly.Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod

Unique Weapons

It can be said that the gun in Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod is extremely important. When it directly determines life. In a world full of dangers, this could be considered a talisman. The only thing that can deal damage to dinosaurs is when their size is many times larger than humans. With them, being able to fly up to attack with their hands is almost impossible. The game is designed to create extremely new and unique weapons. Not based on any basic templates but completely self-created. Take the image of the dinosaur itself to build. Create a bunker look that is extremely attractive to players. There is nothing more wonderful than holding a gun with a thorny artful shape. Shoot light bullets with all kinds of colors.Tai Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod

Many Dinosaur Species

Dinosaurs can be considered as one of the extremely important elements of Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod. Is something that will directly challenge, face the player. When in the role of a hunter in search of prey. Game design up to 32 species. All dangerous carnivores with great fighting power. For example, there is an extremely aggressive Tyrannosaurus species. Extremely fast attack speed and ability, just not paying attention can completely lose your life in a short time. Horned dinosaurs are a bit gentler but also ready to attack if caught. There are pterosaurs in the sky. Depending on each child, there will be different ways to attack. Give up the need to be careful in each action.Game Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod

Large Map

Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod was created by the developer with a very large map. Compared to a new world. To discover it all is inevitable and it takes time. But there is one very special point. At the beginning of the game, players will not be able to go all the way. But only in a certain range. To continue, you need to unlock it with money. In addition to the vast forests with many trees, there are also deep abysses and high waterfalls that can’t see the bottom. The iceberg also became part of the inspiration for the game. All kinds of landscapes, see everything through another world.Download Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod

With the new version of Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod, players will enjoy the unlimited money feature. Brings a huge amount of resources to be used for development. You can buy a lot of things in the store. Upgrade your character to increase your win rate and survive in the dinosaur world. A place where humans have become small with the only thing they can use being our guns. Or with the amount of money used without reduction, players can also unlock all maps from the beginning. There is no need to work hard to accumulate and waste time performing tasks.

Download Call of Mini ™ Dino Hunter MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2023

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