Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod 3.12.0 (Unlimited Lives, Moves)

By MinhDuc - New update 02/04/2024
Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Lives, Moves)
Name Candy Crush Friends Saga
Version v3.12.0
Size 90MB
MOD Features Unlimited Lives, Moves
Support Android 4.4
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers King


Candy Crush Friends Saga is the game with the highest download in the world. To the threshold of more than 3 billion downloads, is a game that has not yet broken the record of participation. Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod is suitable for all different ages. No matter what age you are, you can still feel the fun of this game. As a game released in October 2018, up to now, it has improved a lot of interesting features. The gameplay is easy to understand and promotes your integrity with challenging levels. You will become more eager to win the levels than ever when participating in this game. Later levels will make you quite hesitant when making a decision. Think and calculate the most optimal way to conquer all in the game.

Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod – The Journey to Breaking Sweet Candy

Candy Crush Friends Saga is a game published by publisher King. A company specializing in producing games with the most attractive gameplay on mobile platforms. We can download the game for free in both Android and iOS operating system stores. Is an easy game for you to understand the structure of the game. Just through the opening few stages of the game, you will understand everything. It’s easy to play, but it won’t be easy to break all the levels. This will be the game with the highest number of levels in the gaming world. Up to more than 10,000 levels from difficult to easy. When you win the game that seems to be the hardest game. In fact, there are still many other more difficult levels waiting for you ahead.

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Hard-to-Conquer Games

If you ask the most difficult game to break the island, Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod No. 2 does not dare to be number 1. It seems that no one in the world can overcome all the levels of this game. According to the gameplay of the diamond folding games, or modified to a lot different. There will be required stats for you to achieve in order to pass the game screen. The candies are mixed together in a frame. Your job is to manipulate, and move the position of candy up, down left, or right. To be able to create a vertical or horizontal row of candies of the same color. At least 3 candies are so that you can eat those candies. Edible candies will generate certain returns so that you can meet the requirements of the game.

Tai Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod

Interesting Features

In Candy Crush Friends Saga, there are many interesting features that increase the attractiveness of playing for you. You will own a maximum number of lives of 5. After every 10 minutes will restore life, and the wait will increase your excitement. Each time you do not pass the level, you will lose a life. It is also possible to restore the life of the game immediately if the requirements of the game are completed. Items with different uses will help you a lot in passing the game screen. But everything has its quantity, you will have to consider very carefully whether to use these tools right away. Or save for the levels you think are more difficult.

Game Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod

Game Graphics

Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod owns very eye-catching 3D graphics. With smooth and cute 3D transitions when you eat the candies. These candies also come in a variety of colors and bright colors, giving you positive energy while playing. Like the characteristics of candies, when participating you will feel this sweetness. Sound effects are also very interesting when giving you more excitement. The ear-catching bubbles will sound when you eat the candies. The sound effects are small but have also brought you more fun when playing.

Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod

You will own extremely interesting features when participating in Candy Crush Friends Saga version. It is an easy game to play, but it will be difficult for you to conquer them all. The biggest barrier is the limited number of lives. The wait to continue makes you very uncomfortable when playing this game. In this Mod version, you will have unlimited lives to play. Along with that, you can also play any level you want in this version.

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