Car Crusher Mod APK 1.6.0 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 04/11/2023
Car Crusher Mod APK 1.6.0 (Unlimited Money)
Name Car Crusher
Version v1.6.0
Size 102MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.1
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers BoomBit Games


You have a strange hobby of watching vehicles being destroyed. Car Crusher Mod created and developed by the BoomBit Games team is a great choice. The game has very simple gameplay, just click to start the operation. As for the implementation stage, it will be pre-designed. Everything is done step by step in a certain order. Participating, the player in the role of the observer is the main. Look at the cars being crushed by the giant hydraulic press. There is almost nothing that can overcome, and survive intact after the tremendous thrust. With so many gates, you are free to witness. Manually put different types of vehicles into the machine. Destroy everything no matter how big and sure. It all becomes scrap metal based on the player’s decisions and wishes.

Download Car Crusher Mod – Watch Everything Destroyed By Hydraulic Press

When it comes to games, it’s never possible to tell them all. In terms of volume as well as the variety it brings. When constantly filled with more genres with different gameplay. Including Car, Crusher Mod built extremely nicely. The game gives players the opportunity to satisfy their interests. A strange wish but received by many people. Get a bird’s-eye view of vehicle destruction on giant devices. With a sturdy pusher that can generate up to several hundred tons of pressure. Everything turns to iron before the great power from the hydraulic system. The game is created by countless levels of play, freely witness. With enough levels, starting from easy to difficult. The size of the object to be destroyed will constantly increase. Of course, the equipment also needs to be improved accordingly if it wants to fulfill the requirements.Ear Car Crusher Mod

Simple Gameplay

By joining Car Crusher Mod, players almost do not need to be too active. The only work to do is to destroy the pre-installed according to a certain process. Just press, have an effect everything will do automatically. From bringing the car into the way the hand picks up non-stop. For the sole purpose of being able to crush and destroy completely according to the mission. The same game only requires the player to be on the outside. With many different challenge options. As well as receive rewards to be able to upgrade the machine. Towards a powerful, modern device ready to destroy anything. Conquer all levels.Download Car Crusher Mod

Equipment Upgrades

In Car Crusher Mod hydraulic equipment is the most important thing that players need to pay attention to. When it directly determines the outcome of every challenge. It may not be a concern at first when the ability to destroy is just right. But gradually the difficulty is increased, and correspondingly the size of the object also increases. At this point, players can use the upgrade feature to improve their strength. The game is based on two aspects. The first is thrust or pressure that can be created, which is extremely effective. While the second is the shape. Players can completely add spikes on the contact part. The benefits are also great. All in all, there’s a lot that can be done to increase your chances of completing a task. It is important to have money if you want to use it.Car Crusher Mod

Destruction Objects

In Car Crusher Mod, the device is a press while the object is a vehicle designed with all different sizes. Start small and then grow gradually. It can be mentioned as a four-seat car, which is easy to crush. There is almost no need to upgrade or improve. Next are armored vehicles and trucks. Solid is harder to destroy than is obvious. Or a roller used to compact the earth with a large iron front wheel. It will also be a part to create a challenge that requires players to overcome. A little higher, there are airplanes and cars with cranes. The construction game is very diverse, spoiled for watching the destruction scene. Break each part into pieces.Game Car Crusher Mod

The game is designed to be very simple. When only going back and forth at a single job that is destruction. Use a hydraulic press to act on the vehicles. But do not think that Car Crusher Mod has nothing to buy and sell. It was a mistake, everything was the exact opposite. The game alone costs a large amount of money to upgrade. The request requires a lot of money if you want to qualify to complete the task. Know that the mod version adds unlimited money. Aim to help players do less hard work. No need to work but still have enough money to use for everything.

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