Car Factory Simulator MOD APK 55 (Unlimited Money, Free Purchase)

By MinhDuc - New update 09/01/2024
Car Factory Simulator MOD APK 55 (Unlimited Money, Free Purchase)
Name Car Factory Simulator
Version v55
Size 96MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Free Purchase
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Appscraft


Car Factory Simulator MOD APK is an extremely interesting simulation game for you to experience. You will start participating in processes and chains. To produce cars similar to those currently on the market. It takes a lot of process to create an original car. You will need to know what processes the factory needs. To be able to mass produce all types of cars. This will be the most realistic simulation game. For real-life automotive manufacturing systems. You will see that the steps are very realistic. Taken from the real-life production process into the game. Creating an irresistible appeal of the game. For new players to join and experience.

Download Car Factory Simulator Mod – Create the Most Modern Car Factory

Car Factory Simulator is a free game for you to experience. There is no fee when downloading on both platforms: Android and IOS. Fits most of your mobile devices. This is a game that simulates a car factory. With many different stages and robots. From component production, construction and assembly with research laboratories. To be able to bring a complete car to the market. Here you will start preparing from the smallest production steps. Go to more difficult and arduous stages. Everything is made in a factory premises. Designed, operated and arranged by you yourself.

Download Car Factory Simulator MOD

Commence Operation

Car Factory Simulator Mod is a simulation game with quite a high level of detail compared to reality. When I first started participating in the car manufacturing journey. You will arrange the locations that need to be produced first. You will be allocated a certain area to place production machinery. Please arrange so that all production stages operate smoothly. But still ensuring optimal area for all different stages. Focus on the steps you think are most important in your company. How quickly you get a car to market will depend entirely on your leadership ability.

Tải Car Factory Simulator MOD

Countless Production Stages

Game Car Factory Simulator simulates a car manufacturing company as similar to real life as possible. Therefore, there will be dozens of different stages. Depending on the car brand you choose to install the rap. If you leave a stage with a small area. It will produce products at a slower pace. Therefore, during the production process, you will always have to pay attention to which stages are redundant. To replace them are the stages that are seriously lacking components. Put into production immediately to avoid delays. Please pay attention to upgrading the factory area. As well as upgrade your equipment when you can afford it. These upgrades will bring you certain benefits during the car production process.

Game Car Factory Simulator MOD

Game Graphics

Car Factory Simulator Mod is created using 3D graphics with extremely high detail. You will be quite surprised to see the detail of the game is quite excellent. With a view from above, you can still clearly see every moving detail. You can zoom in or out on your view. By manipulating gestures on the phone screen. The colors in the game are also done very carefully. You will see that the things being produced have colors that stand out from the surrounding landscape. Visually, this will be a fairly well-made game. To bring you the best experiences.

Hack Car Factory Simulator Vô Hạn Tiền

You will receive extremely interesting features when playing in the Car Factory Simulator Mod version. With this full money MOD feature, this will be a great advantage for you. No need to try and save up to upgrade everything in your factory. Now you can do everything with the unlimited amount of money the developer has created. You will play the game much easier than other players. A very valuable advantage so you can accelerate the production process as quickly as possible. You will play the game much easier and more fun.

Features of the game Car Factory Simulator

  • There are separate workshops for each different production stage. There is a production line like a real factory: marking details at the body shop => assembling in the welding shop => going to the paint shop => assembling the interior… etc.
  • You have the freedom to arrange your production line and workshop. There are no limits for you.
  • Many options for you to choose from and install the rap for your car. For example, SUV or sedan, front or rear wheel drive, 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0 liter engine…
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