Car Master 3D Mod APK 1.2.8 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 10/01/2024
Car Master 3D Mod APK 1.2.8 (Unlimited Money)
Name Car Master 3D
Version v1.2.8
Size 110MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers SayGames Ltd


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a mechanic? Car Master 3D Mod will make it a reality. Now there are no more dramatic speed races. There is no competition to find a rider with a good record. Or win with the lead in the car race too. Instead, he will transform into a repairman. Perform repairs in the garage. The mission is to satisfy customers by tuning and restoring their cars. Wash the car, clean the car, choose the paint color, paint the car, etc… From there earn a lot of money to build a really big garage. There are many more unique features waiting for you to discover. Promises to bring an unforgettable experience for players.

Download Car Master 3D Mod – Repair Cars On Demand From Customers

Car Master 3D Mod has quite unique gameplay in the style of remodeling customer cars. Players will own a repair garage for themselves with full tools and equipment. Every day you will receive a lot of customers. Each person’s requirements are different. Requests need to be made as quickly as possible. Complete the conditions given by the customer. Achievements will be expressed by customers through emotions. Their satisfaction will help you get more bonuses. That is the profit that needs to be maximized, to be able to expand the garage into an exclusive car repair company.Car Master 3D Mod

Various missions

Continue to receive requests from customers. Car Master 3D Mod has many different jobs that will have to be done. The bonus received will be more if you do well. But need to ensure completion according to the request from the customer. Like changing the paint color, inflating the tires that are deflated, and installing more windbreaks. Or fix the front and body parts that are dented due to an accident. Help customers feel the best about their car. There are many more quests for players to explore. Complete excellence to receive customer satisfaction through smiling emotions. After that, you will receive the amount corresponding to the effort spent. Stock up and then use that money to expand your garage, by unlocking new equipment.Game Car Master 3D Mod

Upgrade garage for repair

Start working in Car Master 3D Mod from a small car repair garage. Everything is quite sketchy and there is not enough equipment. As well as advanced healing items are not. At this time, there will be customers with your job to renew their cars. Through a few small activities such as painting, inflating, shaping the frame… This job is quite simple. So the tasks must correspond to the number of repair tools in the garage. After a period of operation, you will have to unlock many new types of equipment. To improve the garage and make it a leader in this area. Players can also customize advanced, interventions to repair the engine… Parts related to the vehicle’s performance. From there will receive a large number of bonuses from customers.Download Car Master 3D Mod

Vehicles, images, and sounds are vivid

Through the repair activity in Car Master 3D Mod, you can learn more about different types of vehicles. Including sports cars, police cars, ambulances, taxis, food trucks, and many more. Every car when it comes to the garage is impressively simulated. With the difference shown in the style and color outside. After a period of time is repaired and improved. Your hands will turn the damaged, old car into a new car. With the outstanding from the outside, comes the powerful performance. Everything will make the customer feel extremely satisfied.Ear Car Master 3D Mod

Designed based on 3D graphics. The image quality of the Car Master 3D Mod is quite sharp. Thoroughly elaborate on the environment, true colors, and lifelike. Create a unique repair space for you. Thereby improving the ability to repair cars and improve skills. Each repair operation is represented by different effects. The 3rd perspective gives users the most overview. Accompanying is a converted sound combination suitable for each activity taking place. Bringing players simplicity in how to play. However, it still ensures its own attractiveness and fun.

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