Car Mechanic Simulator 21 Mod 2.1.123 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 31/01/2024
Car Mechanic Simulator 21 Mod 2.1.123 (Unlimited Money)
Name Car Mechanic Simulator 21
Version v2.1.123
Size 186MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Digital Melody Games


Car Mechanic Simulator 21 is a game where you will play the role of the boss of an auto repair garage. A game involving powerful cars but not on the track. Here you will repair and maintain everything on the customer’s car. A car will need a lot of maintenance so you will also need to do a lot of different stages. The practicality of the game is very high, you can see that all the jobs are simulated the most similar to real life. Plus, the graphics system is carefully invested, giving you the most realistic simulation game possible.

Download Car Mechanic Simulator 21 Mod – Your Car Repair and Maintenance Garage

Car Mechanic Simulator 21 is a game released for free on both Android and IOS operating systems. You will experience the game from the perspective of a repairman of a car garage. Do the work to refurbish the customer’s cars to look like new. The first-person perspective will increase your feeling more immersed in the game. Do things like change oil, change tires, repair rust… along with countless other jobs. So that you can accomplish your goals and get money from your customers. Pay close attention to these cars that need maintenance and repair. Do not ignore minor errors on the car that you need to repair.

Download Car Mechanic Simulator 21 Mod

Start Repair

Game Car Mechanic Simulator 21 is a very easy game for you to access for free. There is no need to spend any money to be able to start the game. You will need to enter the name that you want to use as the primary nickname when you first start the game. Going through the preliminary instructions, you will begin to experience the game in a realistic way. Your first car that needs servicing will be pretty easy for you. With repair jobs are quite easy for you to see and fix immediately. The game will let you get acquainted with each level from easy to difficult. Helping you to play the game easily and gradually face the challenge.

Game Car Mechanic Simulator 21 Mod

Specialized Machine Systems

Car Mechanic Simulator 21 is a car garage simulation game with the most professional caliber ever. So the equipment system is also invested in the most complete way for you to use. There are many types of machines with different uses that you need to gradually learn. Use them to make good repair actions at each stage. In addition to a variety of special machines, you can buy a lot of cool accessories in the game store. To be able to bring high performance to the vehicle you are repairing. It is necessary to earn enough money to own this luxury equipment. They always carry a price corresponding to the quality they provide.

Tai Car Mechanic Simulator 21 Mod

Game Graphics

Car Mechanic Simulator 21 is a simulation game that uses 3D graphics as the main interface. A simulation game but with extremely careful and careful image investment. You will see that special after starting the first car repair journey. Graphics are made in the sharpest way, carefully from the smallest details in the game. Must say the game’s graphics will never let you down. The game space is made in an open form, you can explore in many other places not only in the small garage. The colors in the game are also made the most standard with colors that accurately describe the surrounding items.

Car Mechanic Simulator 21 Mod

You will get extremely useful features from the Car Mechanic Simulator 21 version of the game. With the unlimited money feature, you can freely do as many things as you want. You can now shop for all the coolest gear in the game store. Without having to worry or worry about the money you own. Makes playing the game a lot more fun and easier. Give all the best and most luxurious for your beloved car. This special feature is only available on the Mod version of the game, the regular version will not be able to get it. An interesting game that is well worth your while.

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