Car Simulator 2 MOD 1.51.4 (Full Cars, Unlimited Money, Unlock All)

By MinhDuc - New update 28/05/2024
Car Simulator 2 MOD {{version}} (Full Cars, Unlimited Money, Unlock All)
Name Car Simulator 2
Version v1.51.4
Size 120MB
MOD Features Full Cars, Unlimited Money, Unlock All
Support Android 4.1
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers OppanaGames FZC LLC


The simulation game Car Simulator 2 opens a huge arena. Recreate the scene in a big city. Along with complicated traffic routes. Here, the player will become the driver. Your task is to control the car to move safely. Perform different tasks to earn money. The game offers two interesting modes. Provide traffic rules to follow when participating. In addition, there will also be opportunities to explore many interesting places. Ride with friends and enjoy the beautiful view of the city. Have the opportunity to experience many different vehicles at the same time. Through each round, players also gain more experience. They will help a lot for the next game. In particular, it is also possible to observe the car’s 360-degree interior. Create an extremely realistic feeling when experiencing.

Download Car Simulator 2 Mod – Experience Driving Simulation In The Big City

The key point that Car Simulator 2 brings is the optimally designed control system. Provide a flexible experience, tailored to each activity taking place. With a first-person perspective, the player needs to interact with the role of a human. Then use virtual keys to control the car. As a driver, the control system will be changed into a flexible driving mechanism. Shown through arrow keys, accelerator and brake pedal. In addition, the driving model is also fully designed. Functions such as LED warning lights, turn signals and handbrake… At the same time, fuel and speed board are also equipped. Thereby helping players have a most realistic experience.

Download Car Simulator 2 MOD

Diverse quest system

Game Car Simulator 2 brings a very diverse mission system. When driving the car, it will be necessary to perform a lot of manipulations. Drive to various locations to complete missions. From there can get a lot of money and valuable rewards. Helping you to buy the most modern cars in the store. In particular, you can freely customize and design your own car. Here, when the player buys gasoline, in order for it to work, it needs to interact with the fuel injection lever. At the same time, it will consume an amount corresponding to the amount of gasoline poured. Sometimes during driving, will appear large gold coins. Move to and collect it to get huge amount of money. In addition, through the process of driving the player also has more experience and knowledge about cars.

Tải Car Simulator 2 MOD

Comply with traffic laws

In the process of driving on the busy road of the Car Simulator 2 Mod. Players also need to obey the traffic rules. Stop at a red light and do not collide with other vehicles on the road. Drive safely and do not exceed the speed limit. When you violate one of the above, you will be arrested by the police and given a sum of money. Besides, it is also necessary to improve driving ability. Observe the surroundings to avoid dangerous situations. Combine with minimap to know the way ahead. As well as locate gas stations, shops, repair garages, etc. They are displayed through specific icons on the map. From there, you can predict what might happen to you.

Game Car Simulator 2 MOD

Game mode

Car Simulator 2 brings 2 main game modes. Each game mode has its own rules. Need to learn and implement to be able to complete the task as quickly as possible. Start with single player mode, from there can explore the vast world. Drive to other required locations to complete missions and receive rewards. As for the online mode, you are pitted against other players around the world. Through it, can explore the city of dreams together. It is even possible to organize races to compete. Then compete with each other to become the top racer. Reach the finish line and receive the victory and many valuable gifts.

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The heat of game Car Simulator 2 is undisputed. Because it brings matches with the best user experience. Here, the environmental conditions are reproduced in the cycle of day and night. Combined with engine sound. Promises to bring extremely real feelings. From simple tasks, players can receive valuable gifts. But with Car Simulator 2 hack unlimited money on the current version. Money worries will be solved. Now you can comfortably buy very expensive branded cars. Upgrade them and win many valuable rewards. From there every player in the world knows your name.

HOT feature in Car Simulator 2 Mod

  • A fun, free game that’s a blast to play.
  • Online and single player modes.
  • 3D open world.
  • Bonuses and daily quests.
  • Fully detailed car model.
  • Drive from a first or third person perspective.
  • 360 degree car interior.
  • Lots of interactive elements in car models.
  • Realistic physics and sound effects.
  • A mechanic with lots of upgrade options for your car.
  • Interactive gas station.
  • Exciting quests in the form of quests, arcade and race challenges.
  • Dynamic day and night cycle
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