Car Simulator Vietnam MOD APK 1.2.7 (Free, Full Version)

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Car Simulator Vietnam MOD APK 1.2.7 (Free, Full Version)
Name Car Simulator Vietnam
Version 1.2.7
MOD Features Free, Full Version
Size 96MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Web3o Technology


Car Simulator Vietnam MOD APK (also known as CARSVN) will turn you into a real taxi driver and car driver in Vietnam. With extremely realistic experiences by the most popular 4-seater, 5-seater and 7-seater cars. With village maps often flooded. Or the maps are actual coastlines in Vietnam. Inheriting the experience and quintessence from previous game series such as Truck Simulator Vietnam, Bus Simulator Vietnam. CARSVN is the first and only car driving game series in Vietnam, and it can be said that this is the most perfect game produced and distributed by Web3o Technology. To improve your driving skills when participating in traffic. Download and play CARSVN now.

Download Car Simulator Vietnam Mod – The best car driving game for mobile phones

With the launch of the game Car Simulator Vietnam at the end of 2019, marking a big turning point for Web3o Technology. Because right before that were the efforts to release two games Truck Simulator Vietnam in 2018. And Bus Simulator Vietnam was also introduced at the beginning of 2019. But the developer Web3o Technology has committed to always updating the map. New car models, new game features and improved driving experience.

Download Car Simulator Vietnam Mod

Don’t miss this super car driving simulation game? Especially those who have been, are and will become a real taxi driver. Or those who own personal cars, family cars are very suitable to experience.

Car features

The game maker has simulated in great detail like a real car in Car Simulator Vietnam hack. You will be free to choose 7-seater and 5-seater cars. These are the most commonly used cars in Vietnam. The operation of opening 4 car doors, opening the luggage compartment behind the car, opening the engine cover, rain wipers, … Especially the feature of opening the panoramic sunroof. Is this feature realistic enough and enough to attract you? But not all, there is also a Smart Key remote electronic lock feature, or electric folding and opening mirrors like a real-life car. Press and release the handbrake, honk the horn on the steering wheel with 4 different sound modes.

Tải Car Simulator Vietnam Mod

In Car Simulator Vietnam Mod, you can also turn off the engine, start the engine, flash the turn signal when changing direction. Flash your headlights to ask to pass or turn on your headlights when driving at night. And when it comes to a lifelike experience, it is impossible to ignore the “lights in the cabin”. The feature of remembering the position of the driver’s seat in the cabin. You can also customize the car if you want, like changing the car’s paint color flexibly. With many paint colors such as: Taxi Mai Linh, Taxi Vinasun, Taxi Group, black, white, red,….

Driving experience

Hack Car Simulator Vietnam has a very easy and intuitive control mechanism. With 3 modes to choose from: Steering wheel, keyboard or tilt sensor rotate the phone. The engine has a 2-mode gear lever: manual and automatic. Changing license plates at will is very realistic and flexible to make you more personal. Change the weather at will to experience each specific condition. For example, you want to try yourself in rainy, slippery conditions. Or when it’s sunny, hot and sunny. Or you like the winding roads in Vietnam in pitch-black conditions.

Game Car Simulator Vietnam Mod

The dark experience is probably the most dramatic, because on the ride there are unexpected objects on the way out. Like a motorcyclist who lost control due to drunkenness. Or a pet that suddenly crosses the road. In Vietnam, that’s the reality.

Graphics in the game

As reviewed above, Car Simulator Vietnam game gives you a car with many small details. The operation of the car is just like the real thing. The map is also simulated to be 99% similar to the reality of Tet in Vietnam. And to do that, a high-quality 3D graphics technology is indispensable.

And with that you will have to pay to buy about this game. Then surely Web3o Technology will also bring you worthy experiences. The most beautiful simulation 3D images. It also means that there will be no ads appearing in the game to interrupt your driving moment.

In addition, the scenery in the game is also made extremely methodical. Sharp, realistic images, harmonious colors. The context is constantly changing, the design is true to Vietnamese street style. Details such as weather, people, vehicles are equally impressive.

Hack Car Simulator Vietnam Mod

In short, Car Simulator Vietnam MOD APK is a good game, worth your time and experience. A wide range of familiar models will be available to explore. And enjoy on the village roads or streets featured on the map of Vietnam. This is an opportunity to experience a game with well-organized content. Has a diverse vehicle system and high-end graphics. Try holding the steering wheel and bon bon on the road, register your name on the game’s leaderboard. You can take pictures in the game and share on social networks to show off to your friends.

The best feature of Car Simulator Vietnam MOD

  • Change license plate as you like.
  • Detailed and high quality 3D graphics.
  • Change paint color flexibly with many color options of brands: Mai Linh Taxi, Vinasun Taxi, …
  • Horn on the car steering wheel with 4 different modes, simulating the horn sound like in a real car.
  • Change the weather at will: it’s raining, it’s sunny, it’s dark,…
  • Change the flexible seating position in the cabin.
  • The gear lever has 2 modes: manual and automatic.
  • Turn off the engine, start the engine, turn signals, flash lights, headlights, lights in the cabin, …

Download Car Simulator Vietnam MOD APK 1.2.7 (Free, Full Version) 2023

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